Clinical Research

Academic health systems face fierce competition for talent as they strive to fulfill their clinical, education and research missions. The goals of the category are ever-evolving, which places new demands on leadership, particularly on deans and academic chairs. Additionally, academic medicine institutions are collaborating more frequently with community health networks, testing cultural differences between practicing doctors and academic doctors. Traditionally mission-driven and risk-averse, academic healthcare leaders are now faced with unprecedented challenge, risk – and opportunity.

We help academic health systems design their organization - the structure, roles and responsibilities - to prepare for these unprecedented challenges and seize new opportunities. Our clients include academic health centers, schools of medicine, family practice plans, teaching hospitals, affiliated hospitals, universities, cancer centers, research institutions and associations.

Our consulting and search partners include former deans, academic chairs, vice presidents of health affairs and more. This firsthand experience helps us build solutions that account for the precise nature of the leadership, research, faculty recruitment and funding challenges these institutions confront. As importantly, it allows us to help them select and hire the talent they need to execute their strategy - and shows them the best way to compensate, develop and motivate their people.