Media & Entertainment

Today’s media industry is undergoing a fundamental transformation. Media is evolving to a more direct-to-consumer model, as apps, social media, mobile and streaming become preferred formats for information and entertainment consumption.

As these trends change and consumer patterns evolve, future leaders must keep pace with a unique combination of vision, cross-platform experience, the agility to respond to new sources of data, and – perhaps most importantly - the capacity to build and inspire diverse teams with varied skillsets.

Our Media and Entertainment practice has the experience and skills to address the challenges and opportunities facing media and entertainment companies across the ecosystem - from television to digital to social media to home entertainment. We help senior leadership develop strategies for understanding the changing consumer marketplace, adoption of cutting-edge technologies, user experience and monetization.

Our deep industry experience enables us to provide unmatched context for the challenges organizations are facing. We offer a full suite of talent solutions, including strategic search, high-potential development programs, one-on-one executive coaching, strategic talent design, and succession planning. And we work collaboratively to build strategic leadership teams that will survive and thrive in this ever-changing, fiercely competitive environment.