Pressure to win quickly. High expectations for interactive fan engagement. New challenges and opportunities presented by social media. Fierce competition for proven talent. Today’s sports industry is a battleground where the stakes are high and key talent is critical. Like no other industry, leaders must understand its unique challenges, identify and develop world-class talent, create a strategic framework for the future and build strong cultures of performance.

With the growing sophistication of the sports business – particularly the use of analytics in decision-making – it is imperative for owners and executives to identify, recruit, and retain the talent that supports the realization of their strategic plans.

Korn Ferry’s Global Sports Practice provides top talent recruitment and leadership development solutions for the world’s leading sports organizations. Leveraging world-class data and technology and the unparalleled knowledge and expertise of legendary sports marketing professionals, we focus on the congruence of sports, talent, and leadership. In doing so, we build not just teams, but also the teams behind the teams, and create sports dynasties uniquely prepared for for strategic growth and unprecedented success.