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Artico delivers the people to build, scale and protect your business. Founded in 2021, Artico’s team matches the world’s best talent with venture capital, private equity-backed and publicly-traded companies.

With decades of experience and a serious network of elite candidates, our relationships help us calibrate quickly, enabling perspectives on potential candidates that other firms often overlook.

Our position in the market as a boutique firm means every search outcome matters to us, to our brand and to our clients. We anticipate your needs, communicate transparently, and deliver what we promise, on time and exceeding expectations.

Our expertise and commitment to providing a diverse set of candidates — one that spans ethnicity, gender and background — helps our clients build a more inclusive and innovative leadership team. We publish our diversity numbers transparently and they are best in the industry. Our past two years have proven this out with 53% of our placements being under represented talent.

We have almost unlimited access to the broadest and best talent without the conflicts of multiple “off-limits” agreements that restrict the larger firms’ access to the best talent.

Every Artico consultant has deep domain knowledge, relevant search experience and significant operational expertise. We know the market, and anticipate where it’s going. Our methods have been decades in the making and provide for crisp execution.

Our methods combine art and science. We scientifically analyze leader profiles and competency trade-offs while artfully engaging people who add to the culture, lift the brand and fulfill both company and personal goals in their role.


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Partnering with Artico Search will deliver the talent you want to scale up and protect your business. We are hands on, with a relentless drive to deliver. You can focus on your business, knowing that we’ll deliver you the right talent. We have served as global business executives ourselves. We’ve placed hundreds of leaders with category-creating brands, helping realize billions in outcomes for their investors.

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News Briefings

Artico Search Recruits Chief People Officer for LTK

Talent acquisition strategies at many large companies have become as complex as their balance sheets. And while chief human resource officers play a vital role in overseeing an organization’s broad-based workforce, the chief people officer typically goes beyond overseeing its people policies. The focus instead is on building talent as a key competitive advantage, with

Artico Search Recruits Chief Revenue Officer for Showpad

Top-drawer chief revenue officers are commonly found at start-ups and smaller businesses and tend to the bottom line while the rest of the C-level team expands key partnerships, seeks growth opportunities, or sources funding. That is changing. Larger businesses now view the CRO post as an essential, long-term role. In one recent search, executive search firm.

Artico Search Recruits Chief Marketing Officer for parcelLab

As business becomes more complex and power shifts from producers of goods and services to consumers, the chief marketing officer’s job of planning and coordinating marketing activities has become more challenging — and much more influential. Mercedes Chatfield-Taylor, co-founder of Artico Search, recently recruited Sidra Berman as chief marketing officer of parcelLab, an operations experience management platform.

Artico Search Recruits Chief Marketing Officer for Arkose Labs

Mercedes Chatfield-Taylor, co-founder of Artico Search, recently recruited Prashant Nirmal as chief marketing officer of Arkose Labs, a global provider of fraud deterrence and account security. “Nirmal is a proven leader with deep experience in the cybersecurity space and knows how to connect with our key buyers in a way that enables their success,” said Kevin Gosschalk,