Search Firms Join to Create Integrated Global Search Solution

April 19, 2016 – Executive search firms Alderbrooke, ALSpective and Talengo have recently launched The Global Community for Leaders (TGCL), an integrated organization for clients looking for global solutions. TGCL combines the expertise of each firm to explore new assessment techniques, champion the use of the latest technologies and promote best practice in search, culture and talent management.

“In an interconnected global economy where transformation at pace is the new norm, exceptional organizations advance based on their uniqueness and ability to harness diversity,” said Krista Walochik, founder of Talengo. “We are passionate about the purpose-built solutions for global talent challenges that TGCL alliance can offer, based on inclusive leadership, breadth of market knowledge and our innovative service offering.” Ms. Walochik is a former head of Norman Broadbent.

Talengo has 20 years of experience in leadership consultancy, executive search and board advisory services across Europe and the Americas, with offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Bogotá and Mexico City.

Executive Search: Trends In Talent Acquisition
SoI_JonesInset“There is an old paradox in need of an update. It varies based on who you talk to but goes something like this: leadership remains in short supply…the ‘War for Talent’ is either over or just getting started.” — Dale E. Jones, President and CEO of Diversified Search

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“Our business world embraces new cultures today, opens fast growing markets, attracts multicultural profiles, creates new perspectives for any leader of any firm,” said Albert Hiribarrondo, founder of ALSpective. “We are proud of the launch of TGCL, focusing on leadership as a key for our future. There is no better answer, in business, than investing in positive leadership and human capital. ALSpective, Talengo and Alderbrooke know it, and will help their clients with it together now.”

ALSpective is an international executive search firm offering leadership consulting, governance and strategy. The firm currently has offices in Paris, Geneva and Tunis.

“The Global Community for Leaders is much more than just dots on a map – these are three firms with uniquely suited offerings, skillsets and approaches taking part in an integrated new organization which can deliver something other networks cannot – the blend of executive search and consultancy services,” said Paul Cook, founder of Alderbrooke. “We’re confident that market interest and demand for what TGCL can bring to global businesses is very appealing.”

Serving clients across the U.K. and the Middle East, Alderbrooke provides executive recruiting services using cultural and talent diagnostic tools.

Contributed by Dale M. Zupsansky, Managing Editor, Hunt Scanlon Media

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