James Pogue


Dr. James Pogue is an Unconscious Bias and Multi-Generational Leadership expert and consultant at Vetted Solutions. Everyone holds unconscious beliefs about other social groups, and these can unknowingly impact a search. As an additional service, Vetted Solutions offers training in partnership with Dr. Pogue to help your Search Committee and Hiring Executives recognize unconscious bias so they select the best candidates available. Programs will be tailored to your needs. With over 25 years as a Researcher, Professor and Administrator focusing on issues of Unconscious Bias, Diversity and Inclusion, Dr. Pogue recently expanded his work to include Multi-Generational Intelligence and Leadership, with the goal of helping companies connect across the multi-generational workforce. Having worked with leaders of Fortune 500 companies and Associations large and small, he understands the necessary skills to lead in difficult circumstances, while continuing to develop the capacity of a team. His work has put him in front of professionals at all levels of organizations where he uses his unique ability to connect with people individually and in groups. This connection will allow for an intense and productive experience for Search Committees and Hiring Executives seeking to ensure they have done all they can to select the best possible candidate. James attended Grambling State University where he marched with the World Famed Marching Band as a Drum Major. In addition to a musical scholarship he paid his way through college while serving in the military and serving overseas in combat. He went on to receive a Ph.D at the age of 29 from the University of Arizona and completed Post-Doctoral training at Harvard University. He has researched and presented on the reduction of Unconscious Bias along with the integration into the workforce of Generation X, Millennials and now Generation Z.