N2Growth Expands to Saudi Arabia

October 27, 2022 – N2Growth, a Philadelphia-based management consulting and executive search firm, has expanded to Saudi Arabia with the addition of Waleed Al Ahmadi as managing partner. Headquartered in Khobar EP, Mr. Al Ahmadi will be responsible for the firm’s operations in Saudi Arabia and neighboring GCC countries and will report directly to Kelli Vukelic, CEO of N2Growth.

“Saudi Arabia is growing rapidly and we are acutely aware of the challenges facing clients in the region, and leadership challenges are at the core of Saudi Arabia’s 2030 plan for the future,” said Ms. Vukelic. “We added Waleed Al Ahmadi and his team to support our clients. Leadership, coupled with Mr. Al Ahmadi’s expansive professional experience, will allow N2Growth to support clients while addressing these challenges head-on.”

Previously, Mr. Al Ahmadi was managing director of Change Actions and managing partner for Signium. He has experience in human resource transformations, organizational design, executive coaching, leadership development, communications, capability assessment, and talent management. Mr. Al Ahmadi is also a certified AIM instructor and has experience with different change management and HR methodologies. He is also a member of Al Jaber Holding NRC and head of Al Jaber Financing NRC, where he is responsible for recommending, interviewing, and selecting executive leadership roles based on SAMA’s specifications and the organizational strategy requirements.

“There is no doubt that this expansion would bring great outcomes,” said Mr. Al Ahmadi. “As the managing partner of this venture, I foresee the potential of enrichment in leadership acquisition and development through N2Growth. I look forward to bringing a great impact in the GCC region with the spring up of this great scheme.”

Global Leadership Consultancy

N2Growth is a global leadership consultancy with practice areas in executive search, culture shaping, leadership development, strategy, organizational design, risk, digital transformation, and executive coaching. The firm has more than 40 locations across the Americas, Europe, MENA, and APAC.

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N2Growth’s expansion into Saudi Arabia follows the firm recently establishing a presence in Brazil and Mexico. N2Growth expanded to Brazil with the addition of Luiz Gustavo Aranha as partner. He is responsible for all operations in Brazil and neighboring countries. “Supporting our expansion into Latin America, particularly in Brazil, is a crucial pillar in our goal to better serve clients worldwide, especially in Central and South America,” said Ms. Vukelic. “Luiz brings an exceptional track record of superior client delivery and experience in the financial services market, construction and engineering sector, and technology, mining, and consumer goods industries. We are excited to see further growth under his leadership.”

N2Growth Expands to Chile

N2Growth has expanded to Chile with the appointment of Francisco Larrain as managing partner, Jorge Ihnen as partner, and Cristian Ureta as executive in residence. Headquartered in Santiago, Mr. Larrain will be responsible for the firm’s operations in Chile and neighboring countries and will report directly to Kelli Vukelic, CEO of N2Growth. “I am so pleased to welcome our new team in Chile,” said Ms. Vukelic. “The collective experience of this team is a valuable asset for Chilean businesses looking for exceptional leaders who can produce extraordinary results.”

“The executive search segment has been operating in the same way for years, and changes are overdue to respond more accurately and quickly to the needs of our clients,” said Mr. Aranha. “N2Growth brings an innovative and proven solution to Brazilian and Latin American markets. Unsurprisingly, Forbes ranks N2Growth as one of America’s Best Executive Recruiting Firms. This partnership brings the Brazilian market a global excellence operation with exclusive methodology and tools. With N2Growth as a partner, we will have all the resources needed to recruit the best talent and develop outstanding leaders.”

N2Growth also recently expanded to Mexico with its acquisition of Mexican talent and leadership advisory firm FluidMind Consulting and appointing the firm’s founderCarlos Alfonso Gonzalez, as managing partner. Mr. Gonzalez will be responsible for all operations in Mexico and neighboring countries and will report directly to Ms. Vukelic. The firm’s new location will be in Mexico City. “In today’s ultra competitive global climate, our clients entrust us to help them find top leaders who can build notable leadership teams who can drive exceptional performance from all corners of the globe, and Mexico is no exception,” said Ms. Vukelic. “Furthermore, FluidMind Consulting’s leadership advisory practice was a perfect fit for our firm’s mission and philosophy: to find the best leaders by first identifying their leadership DNA.”

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Contributed by Scott A. Scanlon, Editor-in-Chief; Dale M. Zupsansky, Managing Editor; and Stephen Sawicki, Managing Editor – Hunt Scanlon Media

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