Miramar Global Executive Search Opens Office in Austin

July 20, 2022 – U.K.-based Miramar Global Executive Search, which specializes in technology, science, engineering, automotive and natural resources, has opened a new office in Austin, TX. Partner Francois Scholtz will lead the new location. Miramar’s global network of offices also includes London, Philadelphia, Singapore, and Zurich.

“As we continue to expand our footprint with a mission to deliver world class talent, we feel Austin represents as an incredible opportunity for our firm,” said John R Hodge, managing partner, Americas. “Francois has built a reputation as a global leader who has brought significant value to every firm he has worked for. His domain expertise across the technology landscape allows him to innately understand the demands, challenges and risks faced within the enterprise. This depth and breadth are significant assets to Miramar and our customers. We are excited to have him join our firm to lead our expansion in Austin and to be a catalyst for growth within our high-tech practice.”

“I am thrilled to be joining the Miramar team and expanding our global footprint with our mission to deliver world class leadership talent,” said Mr. Scholtz. “We recognized Austin, TX as an emerging global ecosystem, representing an incredible opportunity for our firm. Emerging and high technologies, med tech and industrial markets, our primary focus, continue to drive demand for our unique offering in this region.”

“Our ability to translate critical directions, ideas and messages into actions will continue to enhance the service we provide for the people and companies Miramar work alongside,” Mr. Scholtz said. “We are a true catalyst for change within emerging and high technologies practices and I am excited to be part of the growth story in Austin.”

Known as Silicon Hills, Austin is quickly becoming one of largest technology hubs in the country. Tech giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon and GoDaddy have operations in the capitol city, and it will soon be home to a Tesla factory and an expanded Apple campus. In recent years, its ample supply of highly skilled workers and comparatively low cost of doing business have made it a formidable alternative to the Bay Area and New York City for companies looking to grow.

Veteran Recruiter

Mr. Scholtz is an entrepreneur, global business leader and human capital executive with a passion for the STEMPS knowledge top talent, future of work, RPA, tokenization, blockchain, DLT, DAO and AI / ML technologies. His experience in the field of purpose driven & transformational leadership and talent management methodologies to build and transform teams, organizations, companies and industries, ranging from startups to industry leaders. With more than 25 years of experience, Mr. Scholtz has built and led talent organizations within Fortune 500 companies, as well as co-founding startups.

Miramar Global Opens Office in Zurich
U.K.-based Miramar Global Executive Search, which specializes in technology, science, engineering, automotive and natural resources, has opened a new office in Zurich, Switzerland. Hana Skreta, who joined Miramar Global after six years with a boutique executive search firm, will lead the new location. She is responsible for client engagement, delivery, and growth initiatives within the region. “We are excited to be able to take the next step in developing our business as a cross border talent solution for major industries,” said CEO Andrew Stoneham Knott. “Hana brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of our market and most importantly, her focus on high quality service and care for our clients and candidates experience, were a perfect match. She is the ideal candidate to join Miramar and head up what will be an exciting new initiative in the E.U. marketplace for the whole team.”

Miramar Global, founded in 2004, operates from offices in North America, the U.K. and Singapore. Its headquarters is in Richmond, London. Companies hire the firm to identify, assess and recruit “best in class” forward thinkers that will future-proof their business while driving continued success and growth. Miramar focuses on delivering executive teams with a combination of diversity, creativity, technical prowess and commercial rigor. “Our goal is to deliver innovative talent solutions that challenge thinking, whilst bringing creativity and effectiveness in a recruitment process,” said Miramar Global.

Contributed by Scott A. Scanlon, Editor-in-Chief; Dale M. Zupsansky, Managing Editor; and Stephen Sawicki, Managing Editor – Hunt Scanlon Media

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