Integral to our mission as a recruitment firm is the goal of improving conditions on this planet for ourselves and others. As so much of the world has realized, this means finding ways to adjust, diversify, and shift our industries towards more sustainable modes of operation.

The world is seeing a massive change for the good across industry sectors ranging from energy production, to storage, mining, infrastructure, manufacturing, agriculture, chemicals, supply chain, logistics, waste management, eco mobility. This change is motivated by more than the simple knowledge of what we might leave behind for future generations if we fail to change, but also by the inspiring vision of a world with more sustainable, resource-efficient, and ecologically friendly industries. This sounds to us a lot like our mission statement: moving towards a world that’s better for all.

Since the earliest days of our firm, Waterford Global Inc. has been focused on partnering with clients who are in it for the long haul, and whose activities are aimed at benefiting humanity and the world. Grand ambitions, to be sure, but that’s what we’re in the game of: realizing grand ambitions.

When it comes to identifying, attracting, recruiting, and retaining world-class talent with cleantech and greentech industry experience, Waterford Global Inc. has a wealth of experience in a variety of sub-sectors.

Our services are marked by deep industry connections and relationships, extensive networks of relevant passive talent, and a proprietary methodology that has been proven to help our client organizations unlock new areas of capability, performance, and efficiency.

Our capabilities and expertise center around international search engagements, recruiting candidates in the world’s leading hotspots for cleantech talent. Our global footprint and corporate infrastructure allow us to effectively service clients and engage with candidates, irrespective of location. Our firm applies a consultative approach in support of our cleantech clients on a wide range of matters related to business strategy and talent. Waterford Global Inc. takes a genuine interest in our clients’ organizations, as well as, the “ecosystems” surrounding them. At Waterford Global Inc., we have more than three decades of executive search experience, working with visionary industry leaders, environmental stewards, and disruptive innovators. Our company ethos is one that is aligned with our client partners who are focused on bringing us closer to a better tomorrow, today.

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