Energy and Natural Resources

Canada’s abundance of natural resources, combined with the industry’s high need for human resources, make this an important sector for Waterford Global Inc. Of the various industry sectors we serve, Natural Resources is, historically, where the majority of our technical recruiting has taken place. The need for specialized engineering, technologist, and related talent often requires the combination of a domestic and off-shore search strategy. This includes paying particular attention to those geographical jurisdictions whose engineering credentials and training are recognized as reciprocal by Canada’s licensing bodies.

The Natural Resources sector has been especially interesting for our firm in one other significant way. That is, it has afforded us the unique opportunity to become involved in large-scale, internationally-financed infrastructure projects whose specifications have frequently called for Canadian engineering and other technical leadership talent to fulfill short- and longer-term consulting engagements in the world’s emerging economies.

Natural Resources continue to represent interesting and unique growth opportunities for our firm, domestically and globally.

Practice members

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