Manufacturing and Retail

Our Founding Partners’ first-ever international search, dating back to their PwC days, was in the manufacturing & retail sector. The mandate was to build a product development and design team, whose candidates were to be drawn from leading European design centres and globally-branded consumer product manufacturers. This sparked the beginnings of what has since become, for Waterford Global, a recognized strength in international search and a depth of knowledge in the global manufacturing & retail sector.

On the manufacturing side of this sector, our experience spans both industrial and consumer product categories, and includes domestic and international search engagements for on-shore and off-shore operations. The variety of functional areas we have worked in, within manufacturing, is equally broad.

On the retail side, our firm’s activities have most recently been focused on the areas of ecommerce, digital retail, omni-channel retailing, and customer/user experience. As the explosive growth of online retailing continues, so too does the fierce global competition for this highly-sought after talent.

In addition to manufacturing & retail sector recruiting, our body of work also includes searches for retail franchisees. Although different than executive search, franchisee recruitment benefits from applying many of the same processes used in executive search.

Practice members

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