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Executive Leadership in Crypto and Web3 Trends

When hiring any Web3 executive, you need someone who’s going to drive innovation, scalability, and lead the organization through a hyper growth period. Hiring world-class …

Capital Investment Rigor to Human Capital Decisions

Change hits, sometimes suddenly and without warning. Value shifts. Money moves quickly to keep up. Talent gets redeployed slowly, lagging behind both money and value. …

Private Equity Returns: Connecting Talent to Value

As the world changes, so too does “value” change. What consumers willingly paid for yesterday becomes passé overnight. What they will willingly pay for tomorrow …

The Evolving Role of HR in Private Equity

Securing the right leadership for portfolio companies is a complex process. In the most successful circumstances, it often fuses the needs of a ‘commercial’ operating …

Changing Attitudes to Data

This session with Ezekia focuses on ‘Changing Attitudes to Data’, looking at how the executive search industry captures, stores and uses data and how information is shared with clients during the search process.

De-Risking Executive Transitions to Accelerate Value Creation

Executive transitions are difficult, with failure rates estimated at 40 percent and a new leader often requiring six months or longer to reach breakeven productivity levels. In today’s environment, executive transitions have grown even more challenging. What can be done to de-risk transitions and enable executives to hit the ground running?

Executive Recruiting in a Post-Covid-19 Era

This interactive webinar focused on ‘Executive Recruiting in a post-Covid-19 Era’ discussed a number of the issues and challenges faced by the executive search industry, the clients who are recruiting, and by the senior executives we all engage with.

A New Talent Landscape: Are You Ready for the "Talent Storm"?

Armstrong Craven hosted their Talent Storm webinar on 10/15/20 alongside Hunt Scanlon Media. We talked about the main challenges and opportunities arising from an uncertain talent landscape, as well as how businesses are responding.

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The Evolving Role of the Chief People Officer

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The Next Generation of Healthcare Talent

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