Hunt Scanlon Media’sOperationalizing DEI Through Psychological Safety

December 7th - 1:00pm EST

Join TI Verbatim Consulting (TIVC) on December 7th at 1:00pm EST for our interactive webinar supported by Hunt Scanlon Media. The session will focus on the convergence of psychological safety and DEI, where our panelists will discuss what psychological safety is, and how it can be leveraged to drive inclusive behaviors, policies, and operationalize DEI across organizations. 

This is a great opportunity to hear first-hand from key players in our industry. They will share how psychological safety is foundational to building a successful DEI strategy as well as valuable insights on how to cultivate, sustain and measure it.

We will be joined by the TIVC’s premier organizational culture and DEI experts as well as visionary leaders shaping the landscape of organizational culture and DEI.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • What psychological safety is – how is it foundational to DEI? 
  • Operationalization – how does psychological safety help to operationalize DEI? 
  • The impact of power – what is the interplay of power in psychological safety and DEI? 
  • Measuring and sharing data – what should organizations be measuring, and how much or how little should organizations share with their employees? 

There will be an opportunity for audience members to put their questions to panel members and join the conversation. 

This webinar is free to attend and is supported by Hunt Scanlon Media.


Justin Clark

Chief Operating Officer

Justin Clark serves as TIVC’s chief operating officer, where he is responsible for overseeing the organization’s ongoing operations and procedures. Working directly with the CEO, other members of senior management, and department leads to develop corporate strategies for growth. In his role, he oversees the execution of programs and projects both internally and for customers, with a focus on business support services and human enterprise optimization.

Saul Gomez

Director of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Accessibility (IDEA)

Saul Gomez is TIVC’s director of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Accessibility (IDEA), where he provides organizations consulting services and collaborates with our subject matter experts to provide IDEA assessments and training programs. 

Saul is a Navy combat veteran experienced in organizational culture and executive-level briefing. He has led diversity and inclusion initiatives for over 59,000 personnel and is highly experienced in operationalizing diversity, equity, and inclusion. He is a human-centered design facilitator, certified mediator, coach, and expert in agile practices implementation.

Veronica Lawrence

Sr. Director of Organizational Optimization

Veronica Lawrence is TIVC’s senior director of organizational optimization, where she leads the assessments of organizations’ cultures and climates and provides organizational consulting and change management services. 

Veronica is a retired Navy master chief with 12 years of experience in culture and climate assessments, focus groups, and culture optimization strategic planning. She served five years as an inspector general assistant, evaluating the effectiveness of diversity and inclusion initiatives for 437,000 personnel. She is a master facilitator of difficult conversations and a seasoned executive coach. She has a strong background in evaluating the efficiency of diversity and inclusion programs and developing strategic training plans. Veronica is passionate about change management and is an equal opportunity advisor distinguished graduate from the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute. Moreover, she’s an expert in industrial and organizational psychology.

Dr. Orion P. Welch, EdD

Organizational Leadership Expert
Diversity Equity & Inclusion Professional & Senior Researcher

Dr. Welch is a respected transformational corporate strategy professional with an exceptional track record of driving business for positive change.

He specializes in strategies harmonizing processes, people, innovation, and technology that take organizations to the next level in growth and profitability.

A retired Navy Commander with over 28 years of military service, Dr. Welch culminated his military career serving as a premier subject matter expert and advisor to the U.S. and NATO Special Operations Command Commanders. He possesses a DoD Security Top Secret Clearance. Dr. Welch is an expert executive advisor, senior team leader, DEI facilitator, change management agent, and serves as senior advisor for TIVC’s human enterprise optimization branch. He also serves as one of the University of Southern California doctoral researcher and student ambassador, and as a senior researcher for social programs that intersect with race, policing, and the application of law enforcement. 

Dr. Lorie Hood, PhD

Master Certified Coach
Founder of The Hood Group, LLC

Dr. Hood is a neuropsychologist, traumatologist, an ICF Master Certified Coach, a board certified forensic traumatologist (diplomate credential), Chaplain, and Leadership Coach for the U.S. Air Force & Space Force. 

Founder of The Hood Group, LLC, Dr. Hood developed the High Stakes Performance℠ and Somatic Rescripting℠ methods, which increase human focus and performance while reducing the potential for trauma and burnout. 

Dr. Hood teaches individuals how to function in long-term, high-stress environments consistently and predictably while maintaining access to their brains, bodies, and full range of abilities. Her life’s work revolves around the concept of power, and how it intersects with humans and the systems and structures we create.

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