TriVista Launches IT & Operations Technology Practice

September 12, 2019 – TriVista, a global operations consulting firm focused on private equity firms and middle-market manufacturing, distribution and consumer goods companies, has launched an IT and operations technology practice.

The new service combines TriVista’s broad technology expertise and deep operational experience to provide clients with a business-specific view of opportunities and risks, while optimizing investments related to IT. The IT and operations technology practice is focused on identifying concerns as well as opportunities for prospective investors, such as whether existing applications are scalable to support planned growth, how much exposure there is related to cyber-attacks, if existing leadership can effectively manage significant IT investments, and determining if the company is at risk for unplanned IT investments.

“In the current environment, meaningful IT due diligence is an increasingly important and specialized element of all transactions,” said Mike McSweeney, senior managing director at TriVista. “Our IT and operations technology practice will support a growing need among our clients, helping them to limit their exposure to risk while optimizing their investments in IT.”

TriVista also announced the hiring of Katherine Kost as a managing director and head of the new practice, overseeing the IT due diligence, merger integration and operations technology teams. A former senior global operating executive, Ms. Kost has significant hands-on experience leading IT due diligence and technology consulting engagements with private equity and executive clients.

“Katherine brings a wealth of global operations, M&A and integration experience to this new role, and we are very pleased to welcome her to TriVista,” said Mr. McSweeney. “With her unique understanding of the business-specific impact of IT, Katherine, and her team, will be able to identify the risks and opportunities particular to each situation, ultimately leading to better, more informed decisions.”

Prior to joining TriVista, Ms. Kost served as chief information officer at Meggitt PLC for 10 years. She was responsible for building an IT due diligence and post-acquisition integration strategy while overseeing the firm’s global technology platform. In that role, she supported the acquisition and integration of more than 10 businesses. Prior to Meggitt, Ms. Kost held operations and technology-focused consulting roles at A.T. Kearney and Ernst & Young. She began her career at Nissan Motor Corp.

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Helping Private Equity Companies

TriVista is a global management consulting firm focused on operations and dedicated to helping private equity investors increase enterprise value. The firm’s focus on improving the quality of business operations is said to be transformational, boosting efficiency, lowering costs and dramatically increasing EBITDA for middle market firms.

For more than a decade, TriVista has helped investors and business executives add billions of dollars in enterprise value by their streamling prowess. Clients include Oak Hill Capital Partners, Rohrer, ShoreView, TA Associates, Toysmith, JW Hill Capital, and Legacy, among others.

Tim Ristoff, TriVista’s founder and CEO, works with private equity investors, boards and executive leadership teams to assess and improve middle-market businesses. With 25 years of industry experience before beginning his consulting career, he brings extensive Fortune 500 operating expertise to TriVista’s clients. Whether evaluating operational performance during due diligence or assisting leadership teams with strategic initiatives, his background as a practitioner brings a unique and highly-valued approach.

Mr. Ristoff is widely recognized as a pioneer in the field of operational due diligence, having led hundreds of engagements for many of the world’s leading private equity investment firms, across a diverse set of industries.

Contributed by Scott A. Scanlon, Editor-in-Chief; Dale M. Zupsansky, Managing Editor; Stephen Sawicki, Managing Editor; and Andrew W. Mitchell, Managing Editor – Hunt Scanlon Media

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