The Omerta Group Strengthens U.S. Operations with Acquisition

London-based recruiter pulls together an impressive string of acquisitions aimed at giving it a major toe-hold in the U.S. talent market. A global team of 45 now provides customized talent solutions to investment managers, hedge funds, private equity firms, electronic trading platforms, sovereign wealth funds, and private banks and investment firms. Here’s the backstory.

December 12, 2018 – London-headquartered executive search firm The Omerta Group (TOG) has expanded its operations in the U.S. with the recent acquisition of New York-based recruiting firm Gollin Associates, which is led by Deborah Gollin. Financial details of the deal were not disclosed.

Ms. Gollin will serve as co-head of the search outfit’s U.S. practice alongside Michael Stover, who joined the firm this summer. Each of the leaders has more than 20 years of experience across global talent acquisition and executive search. They will be advising The Omerta Group’s institutional investor and investment banking clients on their senior recruiting needs. They will also set client strategy in the U.S. and support the advancement of the firm’s global capabilities supporting clients’ key corporate functions.

Before founding her own search business, Ms. Gollin served in a number of top corporate roles, including as SVP at Citadel Investment Group and director of recruiting at UBS. She is skilled in executive search and quantitative recruiting for asset managers, hedge funds and investment banks.

Mr. Stover joined The Omerta Group in August from D. S. Wolf Group International, where he served as managing director. He is a global senior talent acquisition leader with significant global securities (equities, fixed income & research), capital markets, investment banking, international banking, transaction banking, asset management, wealth management and shared services senior recruitment & leadership experience.

Other Additions

The Omerta Group also recently added two veteran search consultants, Jon Friedman and Wyatt Uhlein, with the acquisition of their firms, Valar Partners and Halcyon Point, respectively. Mr. Friedman, also with more than 20 years in executive search, will be a senior leader in Omerta Group’s global asset management practice. Mr. Uhlein, who has nearly a decade of executive search experience, will lead the firm’s investment banking advisory business in the U.S. All four recent additions will be based in the firm’s New York office.

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“The hiring of Debbie, Michael, Jon and Wyatt are significant additions to The Omerta Group,” said Jason Mort, the firm’s CEO. “They bring with them a wealth of experience in their respective fields, which strengthens our global client connectivity and further demonstrates our commitment to the U.S. business.”

Leadership Crisis Unfolding at Private Equity Firms
According to a coming research report from Hunt Scanlon Media, the private equity sector can expect to see an expanding bidding war for top talent. Driving the trend: persistent global talent shortages across the C-suite. Nearly every industry and function is affected, including finance, healthcare and biotech, digital and technology, among others.

Additionally, the firm recently announced the appointment of Nathan John as its new global chief operating officer, based in London. He comes to Omerta with significant global talent acquisition experience, most recently leading executive recruitment in EMEA for UBS Investment Bank.

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The Omerta Group is an executive search firm serving clients globally from offices in New York, London, Hong Kong and Singapore. The firm uses its global network to provide customized talent solutions to investment managers, hedge funds, electronic trading platforms, sovereign wealth funds, commodity trading houses, investment banks, private banks and private investment firms. The firm has a global team of 45 professionals, with all services provided in-house.

Expanding into the U.S.

Perhaps no market is as vibrant, or challenging, for the executive search industry as the U.S., and New York City in particular. A decade since the last big recession, bankers and other financial industry titans – and the recruiters who serve them – are thriving once again. But the many other organizations that call the Big Apple home, including giants of the non-profit world, retail, healthcare and media, among others, are also setting the pace for the rest of the country, and the world. That said, it is no wonder that the U.S. is an appealing landing spot for U.K.-based executive search firms looking to expand – and searching for solid ground to soften the potential impact and uncertainty of Brexit.

Ms. Gollin and Mr. Stover recently sat down with Hunt Scanlon Media to discuss The Omerta Group’s U.S. expansion. Following are excerpts from that interview.


We have seen a number of search firms expand to the U.S. this year. Why now?  

Stover: For The Omerta Group, we’ve had a unique opportunity to establish an experienced U.S.-based team with a long, exceptional track record in both executive search and senior corporate recruitment, presenting an opportunity to thoughtfully partner with long standing, trusted, personal relationships based in the U.S. This has allowed us, in turn, to better partner with our teams in London and Asia to expand our reach into various global relationships. What sets us apart is that we differentiate ourselves as loyal, trusted, discreet search partners and advisors. While we’re still in our early days, the results have been very exciting and encouraging! 

“I saw an opportunity to combine my existing platform with an even more sophisticated global team, with a proven track record of success across complementary geographies and practice areas.”

Deborah, how’s the U.S. expansion coming along? 

Gollin: Given that we have an established client base where we’ve been immensely successful in addition to leveraging our global platform, we have been thoughtfully expanding our U.S.-based infrastructure.

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What made you both decide to join forces with The Omerta Group?  

Gollin: I saw an opportunity to combine my existing platform with an even more sophisticated global team, with a proven track record of success across complementary geographies and practice areas. It was an easy decision for me.

Stover: I was extremely impressed with this firm’s commitment to continued growth in the U.S., along with partnering with a team of trusted colleagues I have a long history with. This has been a win-win for me.

Michael, what focus will the U.S. team have?  

Stover: Our U.S. practice has a diverse roster of senior recruitment specialists who cover clients as a primary focus across asset management, markets, investment banking and private investing.

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Does Omerta have any further plans to expand in the U.S.?  

Stover: We continue to look at various options, so let me just say that we will strike the balance between being opportunistic and acting prudently. Our expansion plans are largely driven by our respective client needs, with an important focus placed on maintaining a robust team culture.

What makes Omerta different among your search rivals?

Gollin: We have shown longevity with clients because of our consultative approach to meeting clients’ needs. This sets us apart, we believe, by allowing us to play a key role in their success, growth and retention of key talent. We are extremely excited and optimistic about the opportunities ahead of us!

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Contributed by Scott A. Scanlon, Editor-in-Chief; Dale M. Zupsansky, Managing Editor; Stephen Sawicki, Managing Editor; and Andrew W. Mitchell, Managing Editor – Hunt Scanlon Media

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