Stephen Hime


Stephen has over 20 years of experience providing senior level search and recruitment services to client organizations in various industries throughout Canada and the US.

Stephen’s consultative and relationship-oriented approach is key to understanding each client’s unique needs for talent acquisition. He has an extensive background in senior leadership, management, and technical roles across many business functions and in a variety of domains. Stephen’s search methodology and approach allow him to quickly to adapt to specific industries and markets. In addition to his extensive experience in professional search and recruitment, Stephen has led key Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) initiatives.

Much of his career has involved the hiring of great talent. Prior to joining this industry, he was responsible for hiring to build effective teams in engineering IT and business systems consulting firms. Outside of work Stephen can be found supporting various volunteer activities or keeping in shape on a bike, preferably outdoors!

Stephen holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Toronto Metropolitan University.