Olivia Knight

Recruitment Consultant

Olivia Knight is a Recruitment Consultant with the LHH Knightsbridge Recruitment Solutions Team in Toronto.

Olivia has a diverse experience profile spanning academic, non-profit and consulting roles that has provided her with a unique suite of skills. In a recruiting capacity, she applies this experience to finding the right candidates for a variety of different functions and industries, including IT, Healthcare, Communications and Financial Services.

A relentless problem-solver, Olivia’s approach to the search process emphasizes the duality of successful recruitment strategies, which require planning and flexibility, focus and creativity, the ability to be both approachable and discerning. In addition to her aptitude for strategy, Olivia thrives on making genuine connections and helping match people with positions where they can excel.

Olivia holds an Honours Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Science degree from the University of Guelph.