Shelley Feather

Senior Executive Search Consultant, Practice Leader for Library and Information Science

Shelley Sullivan Feather has facilitated over 80 higher education searches, for positions ranging from presidents to department chairs. She joined G/A&A as a researcher and advanced to executive search consultant. Shelley brings her background in library science to her work as head of the G/A&A practice in library searches. She has assisted numerous organizations ranging from colleges to multi-institutional and multi-state library consortia with searches for chief library positions. Her leadership in library searches builds on her previous career working in public library systems. She served as assistant director, head of acquisitions as well as head of media and technology. She chaired the selection committee of a state-wide library information system currently in use in Florida’s specialized state libraries. She has participated in the planning, construction and opening of two state-of-the-art library buildings. Feather holds a B.A from the University of Kentucky and an M.L.S. degree from the University of Alabama.