Mitch Oakley

Founder & Chairman

Charles Aris Executive Search Founder and Chairman Mitch Oakley has led the retained executive search firm since 1969. Mitch also founded Charles Aris Transaction Services, helping private equity clients find new acquisition opportunities.

While he is proud of his many “Manager of the Year” and “Account Executive of the Year” awards, as well as his industry honor for lifetime achievement, it is Charles Aris’ consistent record of elite quality and service which he finds most satisfying.

Mitch’s commitment to serving clients breathes life into all aspects of the company. His expertise and experience remain key ingredients in its uninterrupted success. Now in his fifth decade on the job, Mitch continues to be recognized for his leadership in growing Charles Aris into one of the top 25 search firms in the United States.

  • Executive Search
  • Private Equity