Cynthia Hayward

Director, Coaching Clearinghouse

Cynthia Hayward leads The Coaching Clearinghouse, a joint venture of CBIZ and EFL Associates. Hayward came to EFL Associates as a Research Associate in 2014 and has a strong record of successful executive search experience. Her curiosity, genuine interest in others, and strong business acumen made her a natural executive recruiter.

Cindy has been matching people with perfect opportunities throughout her career. Her management career spans industries including hospitality, telecom, technology, real estate, and construction. As a recruiter, Cindy believed in establishing a solid understanding of an organization’s culture in order to successfully attract and recruit talent who fit the values and principles of the company. This skill can be no more important than it is in the coaching relationship.

After a 20 year career in the hospitality industry, Hayward sold her interest in a restaurant partnership to pursue a degree in computer science. Graduating in 1999, Hayward was recruited to Sprint as a member of a new team tasked with designing and developing an integration tool to support a new product offering, ION. She functioned in several roles within a 200 person development team. Hayward also pursued an advanced degree through Benedictine College while working at Sprint.

In 2003, Hayward left Sprint to execute her collegiate capstone project, a real estate investment company. This venture led to over a decade of successful residential real estate sales and investment while affiliated with Reece Nichols.