Global Executive Solutions Group


Global Executive Solutions Group is an executive search firm serving clients to meet their needs for skilled management in transportation, logistics, supply chain management, cyber security and food ingredients. Our research, recruitment and selection processes are generally conducted globally to deliver and retain the most qualified talent. We are committed to continually strengthen our leadership position as a strategic, forward-thinking and value-added authority on talent acquisition in the industry segments we serve.

Our Mission:                                                                                                    To craft the best possible match between our clients and the top talent they require. When the match is correct, everyone wins! We understand the dynamics that drive the markets in which we operate.  Our seasoned professional teams utilize every available means to ensure that we deliver the most qualified individuals on a timely basis. The end results are thoroughly qualified candidates who are excited and eager about our clients’ opportunities and make an almost immediate impact of their new company.

Our Focus:

  1. We Listen. To be successful, we need to understand our client’s culture, short and long-term goals, and the type of person who will succeed in their organization. We’ll ask questions. Then we’ll listen and absorb.
  2. We Understand. Having a thorough knowledge of the industries our clients serve is essential to us since we form teams to leverage industry and positions knowledge on their behalf.
  3. We Execute. Searching and finding the best available talent are the hallmarks of our professionalism. We accomplish this through exhaustive research, comprehensive interview, in-depth vetting and reference checks. Only then is an individual presented to you for interviews and evaluation.

Our Performance:

Our clients know we meet our commitments. The proof is their high level of satisfaction and repeat business. To achieve the ideal fit, we know your objectives and we provide only the top-quality individuals for your consideration.

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