Hunt Scanlon’s 10 Best Interviews of 2016

December 27, 2016 – If Hunt Scanlon Media has one best kept secret, it is the vast professional and tightly focused network that we communicate with every day, both on and off the grid. Hunt Scanlon provides daily market intelligence briefings and data analytics to an expanding universe of global talent acquisition leaders – 72 percent of them on the corporate side. But did you know that most of the conversations that take place between our top management team and CHROs, talent acquisition specialists and executive recruiters are private? For nearly three decades we have been meeting and greeting everyone in the field, and discussing some of the most sensitive matters along the way. All in private.

But, every now and then we ask some of our most treasured contacts to come forth, open up and tell us what’s on their mind, what’s trending and what the future might look like if a crystal ball were placed in front of them. Not surprisingly, our editorial team has produced some of the best interviews this industry has ever seen – and as 2016 was coming to a close we started to gather many of these interviews on podcasts, our latest digital platform, so that you could hear these leaders speak — up close and personal.

Here, then, are the 10 best interviews we conducted in 2016. As you will find, they range from top CHRO leaders to the preeminent operators within our industry. If you haven’t had time to spend with these 10 inspiring captains of industry, now’s your chance. Enjoy!


Wealth Effect: Identifying Unique Leaders to Run a Family Office
First pioneered by the Rockefeller family in the late 19th century, family offices started gaining popularity in the 1980s. But since 2005 – as the ranks of the superrich have grown to record proportions – family offices have swelled proportionately. With millions and sometimes billion of dollars at stake and multiple generations involved, finding just the right leader to oversee a family office can be challenging. Here’s what one of the top recruiters in the field has to say about it . . .

Yahoo! HR Leader Examines the ‘Gravitational Pull’ of Employee Engagement
Employee engagement forms the foundation of many talent acquisition leaders’ approach to human capital. Engagement binds employees to an organization’s core values and its purpose. And it is engagement that puts people first, front and center, as an integral part of corporate business strategy. Vineet Gambhir takes us on an illuminating journey into corporate happiness and cultural DNA . . .

Keeping Talent Pipelines Full In the Academic Research and Health Sciences Fields
While universities have been turning to executive search firms for their leadership needs for years, the higher education sector has been broadening its reach to hunt for more specialized leaders. As a result, search firms have expanded their niche offerings to the sector, identifying athletic directors, coaches, and any number of other top posts for institutions in need. Find out what the latest specialized segment is within the college and university spectrum . . .

Not Actively Looking: A New Professional Networking Option
The most valuable asset for any company is its human capital. For recruiters charged with keeping their candidate pipelines full, active and viable, they are always looking for new and innovative ways to power up these professional treasure troves whenever and wherever they can. Just over a year ago a new professional networking option for senior level executives came into play. Here’s a closer look at it and why this could very well play into your future . . .

Private Equity Recruiting: Finding Leaders Who Make Impact
There is no other sector that demands such top end service from its executive search partners than private equity. Portfolio companies represent some of the most innovative, well-funded and high-growth concerns in all of business. As a result, much of the talent that private equity firms seek are highly-charged change agents — a professional breed getting more difficult to recruit. CMF Associates’ managing director, Kathryn Kehoe, tells us how to find them . . .

Wendy’s Chief People Officer Adopts Blended Recruiting Strategy
Talent acquisition strategies at many large companies have become as complex as their balance sheets. And while chief human resource officers (CHRO) play a vital role in overseeing an organization’s broad-based workforce, it is the chief people officer who typically goes beyond overseeing its people policies. The focus, instead, is on building talent as a key competitive advantage, with more emphasis put on culture, which includes values, ethics, and mission. Scott Weisberg, chief people officer at Wendy’s, discusses it all . . .

Walking the Tightrope of Executive Succession
Scrutiny on CEO succession has reached a new intensity. Combine regulatory and activist pressure for more detailed – and better disclosed – succession plans with a handful of high profile CEO illnesses, and you’ve got a recipe for deeper and deeper dives into how new CEOs are selected. Who better than George Davis, head of the CEO practice at leadership advisory firm Egon Zehnder, to delve into how his clients are tackling the challenge . . .

Developing a Personal Connection with Clients and Candidates
Over time, search firms have come to fill positions up and down the corporate ladder for a host of other organizations, from associations and non-profits to sports teams, small businesses and academia. They all have one thing in common – a need for rock solid leadership. Today, some 150 specialist search firms exist to serve just the academia sector. Macon, GA-based Myers McRae Executive Search is one of them, and its sole focus is finding talent for organizations of higher learning. Here’s a closer look . . .

Why ‘Boomerang Employees’ Might Be In Your Future
Leveraging talent relationships is now seen as critical to the job search process and even more so to a company’s brand. Here’s a look at the current state of the employer-employee relationship and some recent analytics from a global talent redeployment specialist. Mullin International CEO, Keith Mullin, provides key insight, trends and a multi-dimensional approach to workforce redeployment. Keith and his team have been collecting data on thousands of transitioning employees for over three decades . . .

CHRO: Successor to the CEO
In this exclusive Hunt Scanlon podcast, Jason Hanold, CEO and managing partner of Hanold Associates, a specialist boutique focused on HR officer search and board recruiting, discusses the CHRO’s rise to the C-suite and the CEO / CHRO relationship. For all the value that those who occupy the chief human resources officer seat have brought to their companies over the years, it is only now that the role has begun to claim the fullest respect and attention of top leadership. Listen Now.

Contributed by Scott A. Scanlon, Editor-in-Chief, Hunt Scanlon Media

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