Hunt Scanlon Releases Ground-Breaking Report On In-House Recruiting

October 26, 2015 – After an intensive, 18-month review of hundreds of in-house recruiting programs across the U.S., Europe and Asia, Hunt Scanlon Media today released its executive report tracking developments in the field.

“This has been an incredible journey for us here at Hunt Scanlon,” said Scott A. Scanlon, founding chairman and the report’s editor-in-chief. “Hundreds of organizations answered difficult questions and 25 companies took us deep inside their in-house recruiting programs.”

The result is a 181-page sweeping industry report that takes a hard look at the challenges, costs and effects of the trend by talent acquisition professionals to bring their executive recruiting functions in-house.

“This report provides an excellent in-depth analysis of the changing landscape of talent acquisition,” said chief HR officer Jennifer Buchholz. “It is a must-read.”

In-house recruiting is widely seen as the biggest competitive threat to ever hit the executive recruiting sector, as traditional methods of recruiting have been cast aside in favor of searching virtual networks. “The emergence of social media technologies has been nothing short of transformational for the executive search business,” said Mr. Scanlon.

One positive outcome for executive recruiters, according to the report, is the expanding field of global talent management. “We see combined service offerings from both traditional and virtual recruiting coming soon – and that fusion is where the next big opportunity is,” said Mr. Scanlon.

“The implications for the search industry are vast as more powerful, holistic talent management platforms surface that will integrate candidate identification, competency & assessment, coaching, leadership development, recruiting and onboarding. We are just in the beginning phase right now.”

Hunt Scanlon reports that few search firms are prepared for what’s coming.

In-house recruiting is not a new phenomenon, but according to the Hunt Scanlon report it is now seen as scalable. “That is why the dynamics have shifted so much, and so fast,” said Mr. Scanlon, who reports that headhunters are losing hundreds of millions of dollars to their in-house counterparts annually. “And yet they grow. The good news for everyone is that the talent marketplace is undergoing its biggest expansion in history, right now.”

Among the companies that invited Hunt Scanlon in to take an up-close look at their in-house recruiting programs: Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Pitney Bowes, Standard Chartered Bank, Philips, PepsiCo, Nike, Fossil Group, Walmart, Cardinal Health, Cleveland Clinic, Deutsche Bank, Time Warner and CBS, among a number of others.

Talent professionals polled by Hunt Scanlon for the report clearly know the value of their executive search relationships. But according to the report they have been put under intense pressure to meet 21st century hiring expectations focused on expediency, speed and cost.

“Finding new ways to work with these talent acquisition professionals, rather than being defeated by them, is clearly the best course of action for executive recruiters moving forward. Our report, I hope, shows the way forward,” said Mr. Scanlon.

The just-released, 180-page report explores one of the hottest recruiting hiring initiatives seen in decades. 25 in-house recruiting case studies provide the core of the 2016 report, along with extensive survey results from hundreds of talent acquisition managers. Detailed interviews with talent management professionals in charge of in-house recruiting programs are provided, with expert commentary from leading executive recruiters and hiring managers in the field.

Those interested in ordering a copy of the report are asked to click on this link for pricing and delivery information:

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