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Changing the way people think about hiring & growth
ivy was founded by a group of inspired women who wanted to transform an aging industry into a modern, progressive solution using the best practices in research, assessment, technology and personal development. We’ve dedicated ourselves to finding great talent for growing organizations for over 20 years.

Professional recruitment and people performance services.
When it comes to executive search and professional recruitment, it’s a crowded market. On the high end, executive search fees are astronomical. On the low end, contingency is too transactional to be strategic.

Across the board there’s a heavy reliance on networks, which is limiting when we know that today’s hiring needs are diverse. And the need for brick and mortar locations is becoming obsolete (and expensive to maintain).

For an industry serving a modern marketplace, many agencies have practices that harken back to the 1950s, when search first launched. Transparency, technology, diversity and virtual capabilities are the keys to thriving right now so why hasn’t the industry kept up. Does recruitment have to be this way?

Definitely not.


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Our mission
To grow organizations by delivering exceptional experiences and results to clients, candidates and partners.

One DNA, One Provider
In learning about your company, we dive deep into your DNA. When we hire your leaders, we know who will thrive under their mentorship. When we hire your strategic contributors, we know who will work well with your leaders. Engaging multiple firms to work at different levels of the organization is siloed and outdated. Viewing the organization as a whole and understanding how the pieces function together is a more holistic, modern approach.

Do you love sitting on the tarmac waiting for the captain to speak? We know how frustrating it is to wait for updates when you’re ready to hire so we cut out the middle layer. Our modern technology allows clients to view searches and progress in real-time. Leveraging technology and our regular update meetings, we constantly feedback market intelligence providing insights that can refine or even reform the search strategy.

We’re virtual
While our team is established, we don’t carry the baggage that comes with carrying unnecessary, costly office space. We’ve already adapted to the new world that hundreds of thousands of employers and employees are now faced with. Welcome to the future, we’ve been expecting you.

Solutions And Expertise

What’s the Plan? – Strategic Analysis
It’s our mission to figure out the needs of your organization. We look beyond the job description to understand how the success of the role impacts the business as a whole. Using our proven frameworks, our search strategy is designed to understand the best places to search and to pinpoint the track record, achievements and competencies that will surface the best talent.

Needs Analysis · Role Definition · Process Development · Position Description

Where’s the Talent – Talent Sourcing & Attraction
Our talent sourcing and attracting methods go far beyond the usual networks and LinkedIn. Combining our advanced recruiting technology stack with fact-based intelligence we create customized solutions that meet the needs of each unique hiring circumstance, delivering a transparent and optimized recruitment experience.

Market Intelligence · Research Strategy · Target List · Talent Mapping · Strategic Sourcing · Talent Identification · Inbound & Outbound Attraction · Pipelining · Screening · Candidate Development · Succession Planning

Who’s the Best Fit? – Validation & Placement
We take talent through a screening and interview process to determine role fit and culture add. Carefully designed questions and assessments enable us to explore a 360 view of talent that includes track record, significant accomplishments, skills and character.

Assessment · Client Interviews · Talent Management · Offer · Negotiation Support · References · Background Checks


News Briefings

Ivy Group Seeking CEO for The Forum

Toronto-based executive search firm Ivy Group was recently selected The Forum to lead in its search for a new CEO. After five years of leadership, CEO Paulina Cameron left the organization at the end of December 2023. The incoming CEO will steer The Forum into its next chapter of growth and impact. The ideal candidate will

Ivy Group Retained by W.J. Stelmaschuk & Associates for CEO Search

Toronto-based executive search firm Ivy Group was recently selected by W.J. Stelmaschuk & Associates Ltd. (WJS) to lead in its search for a new CEO. The search firm notes that with the retirement of WJS’ CEO, a shifting market landscape and a healthy team and culture in place, there is an opportunity for a new leader to

Ivy Group Seeks Executive Director for Altruvest Charitable Services

Toronto-based executive search firm Ivy Group has been enlisted to find an executive director for Altruvest Charitable Services, which matches and trains qualified leaders for critical board positions within local charities. Founding partner Catherine Graham is leading the assignment for the search firm. Working closely with the board, the executive director is responsible for realizing

Knowing the Differences Between Retained and Contingency Executive Search Firms

What’s the difference between contingency and retained executive search firms and what makes the most sense for your needs? If you’re on the hunt for an executive search firm to help fill a key role in your organization (or have hired one in the past), you probably have spent quite a bit of time trying


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Today’s hiring is diverse. At ivy, we don’t limit our practice to one sector or vertical.