Bullhorn Further Invests in Consulting Division, Appoints Leader

October 23, 2019 – Bullhorn Inc., which provides cloud-based customer relationship management and operations solutions for the staffing industry, has made an increased investment in Bullhorn Consulting Services, including the promotion of team leader, staffing industry veteran Melissa Rosen, to vice president of the division.

Bullhorn Consulting Services pairs highly scalable service with staffing industry knowledge to help enterprise staffing customers complete their implementation of Bullhorn solutions in minimal time. Having spent 20 years helping more than 10,000 customers drive business growth, Bullhorn said that it “is positioned to deliver enterprise-scale consulting services with experts that have decades of staffing industry experience and best practice knowledge.”

The Bullhorn Consulting Services team is comprised of experienced consultants familiar with companies across all industries to provide high-touch client engagement. Bullhorn’s global team of consultants builds relationships with customers by understanding their business goals to maximize value and help accelerate product adoption. They ensure implementation and adoption of the Bullhorn family of products, as well as workflow optimization and alignment with staffing industry best practices, using a combination of change management readiness education, communication campaigns, risk mitigation plans and stakeholder engagement strategies.

“I realized early on that we needed to get more value out of our investment in the Bullhorn platform,” said Phillip Noe, global CIO at Vaco. “We engaged with Bullhorn Consulting Services to bring not only extensive product and industry knowledge, but also transformational program leadership. They were able to lead us through a much-needed period of discovery, and help us map out a long-term roadmap of initiatives focused on increasing producer efficiency and accelerating our growth,” he said. “We continue to engage with this team to ensure that we stay on target and deliver on our shared vision of outcomes and possibilities.”

Combining Scale and Speed

“There is no shortage of enterprise-scale consulting organizations in the market,” said Matt Fischer, president and CTO of Bullhorn. “But none of them have the combination of staffing industry domain expertise and Bullhorn product mastery that Bullhorn Consulting Services brings to every engagement. We combine scale and speed with direct and immediate knowledge of Bullhorn’s products and its roadmap as part of our commitment to ensuring an incredible customer experience.”

Ms. Rosen joined Bullhorn in 2007. Her first roll with the company was to work with clients at the enterprise level to provide consulting to custom build their training initiatives. Throughout her career with Bullhorn she progressed through the ranks of account management and project management into leading the charge of creating a new division in the area of strategic consulting.

Ms. Rosen recently sat down with Hunt Scanlon Media to discuss her promotion and the types of consulting services Bullhorn brings to its clients.

Melissa, are there any new services that Bullhorn Consulting Services is looking to offer with this new investment?

 There are a few key practice areas we are expanding into: M&A and digital transformation with our tech partners in the marketplace. As you know, M&A is rampant and our team’s role is to get involved right before or immediately after a deal is signed. Our team has extensive experience in bringing two companies’ cultures and processes together to provide a smooth transition, and we are currently working with a few clients who have recently purchased other staffing companies and are looking to do just that. Bullhorn has an extensive network of technology partners and our team has the industry and process experience to help our clients make the most of these technologies. Often, clients want to take advantage of all these tools but don’t really have the time to plan out how they will redesign their current workflow so it truly reduces the manual labor and increases human time for key productive activities like sales and recruiting. An example of a recent collaboration with an automation tool: my team designed a complete new set of KPIs and reports needed to quickly manage a client’s business. The plan we developed for a partner they were investing in reduced their time for implementation.

“Bullhorn has an extensive network of technology partners and our team has the industry and process experience to help our clients make the most of these technologies . . . In the past year we have been able to help 10 clients increase their fill rate and hit rate by more than 25 percent through process re-engineering, training, and change management.”

What new duties will you have in your new role?

As the practice owner, I am responsible for building strong global expertise on my team as well as expanding our service offerings to anticipate and meet the needs of prospects and clients in the staffing industry. I will also be more involved in industry thought leadership by participating in speaking opportunities and industry events.

Can you give us an example of how you assist clients with Bullhorn’s consulting division?

One example was above in our newer offerings. In the past year we have been able to help 10 clients increase their fill rate and hit rate by more than 25 percent through process re-engineering, training, and change management. These are clients who have been with the Bullhorn suite of products but had gone through many different structural changes and needed a fresh set of eyes to come in, conduct detailed time studies, whiteboard new solutions and assist with the rollout of a refreshed process. Often people mistake this for an implementation team; this team will assist with that but we have a larger focus on our entire client base during all parts of the customer journey.

Contributed by Scott A. Scanlon, Editor-in-Chief; Dale M. Zupsansky, Managing Editor; Stephen Sawicki, Managing Editor; and Andrew W. Mitchell, Managing Editor – Hunt Scanlon Media

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