5 Tips for Hiring Faster at Your Company

December 16, 2022 – If you’ve put out job listings and had no applicants to show for them, a new report from The Christopher Group (TCG) notes to take a step back and evaluate your hiring process. “Alternatively, you could have too many applicants and struggle to get through them all,” said Nat Schiffer, author of the report. “Keep reading to learn five tips for faster hiring at your company and how to streamline your hiring process.”

1. Start With a Clear Job Description

Your job listings need to be clear and concise to attract more potential workers. “List the specific skills and experience levels you’re looking for, and avoid using filler words,” The Christopher Group report said. “While it may be tempting to use jargon and terminology from your field, these can be confusing for entry-level applicants, so keep the wording clear, especially for lower-tier job listings. Our executive recruitment services can help optimize your job descriptions and digital marketing materials to attract candidates.”

2. Audit Your Team

The Christopher Group report explains that your job descriptions will only be as appealing as your company. “If your company isn’t up to date with policies, benefits, and competitive pay, you’ll have trouble securing candidates and applications,” the report said. “This is where recruitment and consulting services can help.” For example, the consulting team at The Christopher Group can perform an audit of your business’s HR policies to ensure your business’s compensation and benefits are up to date and fit with trends in your industry.

3. Ensure Applications are Relevant

Nothing can slow down your recruitment process like screening and interviewing a pile of applicants who aren’t qualified or lack relevant experience. By utilizing an executive search service, you can skip wading through a sea of unqualified applicants. For example, the precision recruiting technology at The Christopher Group is designed to source all the most qualified candidates who are more likely to pass your screening process.

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4. Utilize an Executive Search Firm

If traditional job search methods don’t seem to be getting the engagement your business needs, consider working with a job search firm. You could be doing everything right on your business’s end, but potential employees could still look elsewhere for work. That’s where an executive search firm comes in. HR executive search firms have access to talent acquisition resources and can help companies identify weaknesses in their job postings or offers.

5. Improve Your Interview Process

“Once you have evaluated your screening and hiring processes, do the same with your interview process. If you have a pile of applicants to work through, the traditional interview process can be time-consuming and take away crucial time from running your business,” The Christopher Group report said. “This is why we recommend leaving the initial interview process to the professionals like search firms. Their recruitment services offer a structured interview experience that will screen out irrelevant applicants and save you time and money on interviews.

“Now that you know these five tips to hire faster at your company, you can fill the open positions you need in less time,” Mr. Schiffer said.

Veteran Recruiters

Founded in 1998 by Tom and Paula Christopher (former HR executives with GE, Pepsi, Progressive Insurance, and Citigroup), The Christopher Group is a leading boutique HR executive search and staffing solutions firms. The firm is staffed by former HR professionals and trained search practitioners who use proprietary, scientific and industry-leading systems, tools, and processes. The firm has offices in Willoughby, OH; Sarasota, FL; and Kansas City, MO.

Mr. Schiffer has over 30 years of experience in human resources, corporate executive services and executive search. He has a keen understanding of business strategy and operations, organizational structure, and talent acquisition/ assessment/ development. This combination of experiences enables him to play a pivotal role in partnering with senior executives at Fortune 500 firms, start-ups, PE-backed as well as private and closely held companies.

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Contributed by Scott A. Scanlon, Editor-in-Chief; Dale M. Zupsansky, Managing Editor; and Stephen Sawicki, Managing Editor – Hunt Scanlon Media

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