WittKieffer Unveils New Program to Speed the Impact of Physician Executives

June 17, 2024 – Oak Brook-IL-based WittKieffer has released a new program to expedite time to success for physician leaders taking on new roles. The accelerating impact for physician leaders solution differentiates itself from other physician leadership training and support in that it is customized to the executive, their specific role, and their organization. In addition to a coaching component, the program features direct mentorship from a highly experienced and proven physician leader.

“Physician leadership is critical in healthcare’s current era which prioritizes quality, efficiency, and patient centricity,” said Raj Ramachandran, senior partner of WittKieffer’s leadership advisory. “While many physicians are natural born leaders, they are challenged to transition into increasingly demanding roles and to make an immediate impact upon their teams and organizations.”

“The accelerating impact for physician leaders solution not only provides the executive with expert, structured learning but also is highly interactive and encourages the leader to invest in themselves to excel in a new role,” Mr. Ramachandran said. “Our goal is to help physician leaders move from issues to outcomes by providing space for clarity, courage, and connection. The program will serve them well for the future but also benefit them in the here and now.”

“The MDs on WittKieffer’s team who help direct the accelerating impact for physician leaders solution have served as chief medical officers, medical school deans, and in other senior roles and have experienced the challenges and joys of leading at the highest level,” said Michael Anderson, WittKieffer principal who also serves as a senior advisor to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). “They partner with our expert leadership coaches to offer newly hired executives a special opportunity to acclimate to a new position and environment and find immediate success. The benefits and return on investment of this program can’t be overstated.”

How Accelerating Impact for Physician Leaders is Unique

WittKieffer’s accelerating-impact offering sets itself apart from other onboarding or leadership transition programs:

  • Differentiated Experience: This program caters to individual development needs. The leader gains an understanding of their context, strengths, and areas for development within that context.
  • Expert Advice: Each participant gains access to a certified coach as well as mentoring from one of WittKieffer’s physician executive consultants, providing an environment of continuous learning and development.
  • Interactive Engagement: The physician leader is an active participant in their growth journey through a series of engaging sessions and discussions.
  • Real-Time Relevance: The program assists each leader to place their leadership in the context of the latest healthcare industry trends and topics, ensuring they are equipped to make informed, strategic decisions and drive results.

WittKieffer assists hospitals, health systems, academic medical centers, medical schools, and physician groups; biotech, pharmaceutical, diagnostics and medical device companies; colleges and universities, and not-for-profit community service and cultural organizations with senior administrative recruiting assignments. With more than 100 search professionals nationwide, its consultants recruit CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CNOs, physician executives, and other leaders.

Recent Growth

WittKieffer recently expanded its interim and on-demand leadership solutions to the life sciences and investor-backed healthcare markets. Ysette Witteveen, a veteran interim and on-demand talent advisor and former management consultant, was named as managing partner & practice leader, interim leadership – life sciences and investor-backed healthcare.

WittKieffer Appoints Chief Operating Officer
WittKieffer has named Christina Boiler as its chief operating officer. “Christina is well known for inspiring organizations to achieve excellence and meaningful change,” said Andrew Chastain, president and CEO of WittKieffer. “She brings a unique, diverse skill-set developed through previous senior leadership roles while possessing an eager willingness to explore new opportunities and embrace strategies that will ultimately help us to serve our clients better. Her expertise will be invaluable to WittKieffer. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have her join our firm’s leadership team.”

“WittKieffer specializes exclusively in the quality of life ecosystem — the intersection of healthcare, life sciences, and education,” the search firm said. “It unlocks the full potential of leadership teams through an integrated approach to executive search, interim leadership, and leadership advisory solutions. WittKieffer’s expansion of interim leadership solutions ensures that these same integrated capabilities are available to the life sciences and investor-backed healthcare markets, including companies in pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, consumer health and wellness, payer, provider, senior and long-term care, digital health, , and retail healthcare.”

“Impactful leadership is a critical contributor to value creation, and interim leadership is a strategic resource that can ensure a company’s access to the expert leadership necessary to meet critical needs at times when existing executive capacity or experience may not,” said Michael Castleman, WittKieffer’s chief business officer and executive partner for emerging markets and interim leadership. “Be it scaling up, evaluating and entering new markets, transforming business models or operations, establishing and implementing functional best practices, adding additional expertise, or creating entirely new digital solutions, life science and investor-backed healthcare organizations continually confront challenges to keep pace with business imperatives and market demands. We are extremely fortunate to have Ysette join WittKieffer to shepherd our expansion of interim and on-demand leadership solutions to help our clients address these challenges.”

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Contributed by Scott A. Scanlon, Editor-in-Chief and Dale M. Zupsansky, Executive Editor  – Hunt Scanlon Media

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