Vetted Solutions Leading Architects Foundation Director Search

May 5, 2017 – Executive search firm Vetted Solutions LLC has been tapped by the Architects Foundation to lead its search for a new executive director. Vetted Solutions president and founder, Jim Zaniello, and vice president Nancy Green are leading the assignment.

The incoming leader will be responsible for directing the fundraising and operational activities of the foundation to support its strategic and financial goals. The chosen director will establish and maintain working relationships, cooperative arrangements with partner organizations, individual donors, and corporate funders.

The right candidate will have served 10 or more years as a member of a senior management team, preferably in a foundation or association, in development. They will have demonstrated senior level experience developing innovative fundraising programs, campaigns, and events. In addition, the individual will have a strong understanding of Federal laws and regulations for fundraising activities by 501c(3) organizations.

Why Development Leaders Are In Demand

According to recruiters, chief development officers or leaders with development backgrounds are in high demand as fundraising prowess and having an ability to drive growth is becoming an essential part of 21st century required skill sets. A recent search on LinkedIn of the title generated more than 140,000 results. Companies with a chief development officer onboard — sometimes called a chief business development officer in the for-profit world, or chief advancement officer in a university setting — send a message of fundraising prowess, and that is vital when organizations like non-profits head to their donor base for cash infusions ….. Here’s some further reading from Hunt Scanlon Media.

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The Architects Foundation celebrates architecture’s value by advancing future design leaders and preserving architectural treasures of the past. It aims to attract and cultivate a diverse next generation of architects, and provide new opportunities to support the evolution of the profession.

Based in Washington, D.C., Vetted Solutions, a specialist in conducting non-profit and association sector recruiting assignments, focuses on recruiting board members, CEOs and senior staff positions for prominent and well known organizations nationwide.

Mr. Zaniello has a unique understanding of the executive search process, developed through more than two decades in positions ranging from non-profit executive director to publisher of a leading tool for non-profit executive search. He has developed an intimate understanding of the complex demands of the executive office through his own experience as executive director at several associations and non-profits.

Ms. Green has more than 25 years of non-profit leadership experience and a track record for growing organizations. Throughout her tenure in education and at healthcare organizations, she has built effective board relationships, managed staff transitions, and launched strategic partnerships. She advises organizations on talent development, cultures shaping, and succession planning.

Foundations Turn to Recruiters

All sorts of charitable foundations have turned to executive search firms in recent months to find new leaders. Here’s a look at just a few taken from the Hunt Scanlon Media newswire archives:

Contributed by Dale M. Zupsansky, Managing Editor, Hunt Scanlon Media

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