True Partners with Leadership Circle

April 29, 2024 – Global talent provider True has partnered with Leadership Circle, a global provider of executive coaching, assessments, and advisory services. “We help the most innovative companies recruit the right talent to drive their visions, and Leadership Circle understands, assesses and drives leadership effectiveness better than anyone,” said Joe Riggione, True co-CEO and co-founder. “Our companies are both data-centric and aligned in our determination to provide comprehensive executive talent search and succession management solutions to clients.”

“We help individuals, teams and whole systems increase their leadership effectiveness, leading to tangible business results and in turn organizational transformation that is powerful and sustainable,” said Bill Adams, co-founder and CEO of Leadership Circle. “Partnering with a tech-enabled, data-driven executive search leader like True allows us to help our clients fill in the gaps we identify on their leadership teams and during succession planning.”

Leadership Circle provides a combination of consulting services and assessment and development products designed to optimize leadership effectiveness. With decades of experience coaching executives and working with senior teams, Leadership Circle has expertise in developing internal succession candidates and assessing external ones as well.

True views this partnership as a strategic move to expand its offerings in response to market demand for a wide variety of assessment services. True’s current proprietary assessment and coaching solution, True Advance, focuses on working preferences and communication styles. “Now with Leadership Circle’s best-in-class assessments, True clients can go deeper to better understand the core behaviors and thinking that influence how their leaders show up and, ultimately, how effectively they lead,” the firm said.

True recently acquired Bleeker, an executive coaching and assessment company. “Through integrated assessment and coaching, True has enhanced our comprehensive talent management platform, solidifying our role as strategic partners to businesses building their leadership,” said Mr. Riggione. “True Advance provides leaders with invaluable insights about themselves, while simultaneously offering companies transparency into prospective hires’ performance and alignment with the existing leadership team dynamics.”

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Co-founders, Cam Snaith and Jay Liddell’s network (boasting former Olympians, PhDs, and entrepreneurial founders) continues with True Advance to deliver their data-driven, individual and team coaching to clients, which include Nike, Google, Bitly, BlackRock, and One Equity Partners.

Unlocking Potential

Messrs Snaith and Liddell founded Bleeker 11 years ago. “Business was largely ignoring what science already knew about how individuals and groups functioned at a high level, and that frustration led us to explore these human dynamics and how we can unlock the potential of teams,” said Mr. Snaith.

Integrating Cultural Humility into the Coaching Process
Building a positive workplace culture has become one of the top priorities for organizations around the world. Since the pandemic, many employers have focused on building workplace environments in which their employees can feel safe, engaged, inspired, and productive. According to human capital experts and talent industry leaders, it is positive workplace culture that now separates the most successful companies from the average ones. It increases employee retention, builds engagement among workers, and increases productivity and the bottom line.

With all the positive outcomes that good culture brings, organizations are looking to find effective ways to not only understand their own unique cultures, but to foster a sense of inclusion and belonging to fully unlock the value of the talent within their organizations. But when it comes to discussions on building a strong culture through consulting and executive coaching, often missing from the equation is a focus on the training that coaches receive to provide a curriculum that prepares clients for success while also navigating cultural differences during coaching itself.

“The magic of our assessment tool is its practicality in removing bias and getting down to a candidate’s true skills and abilities,” said Mr. Liddell. “It’s the launch point for our coaching and advisory, and uncovers the data allowing clients to make effective decisions about the best executive to hire and the existing leadership team’s greatest opportunities for improvement.”

Working in both the private and public sectors, True Search has offices throughout the U.S. as well as the EMEA and APAC regions. Since the late 1990s, the firm’s founders have refined their search process with a blend of data-centric insights, relationship-building, and experience to produce a methodology that consistently improves hiring decisions and accelerates growth. The firm’s clients include Jet, Work Front, and Summit Partners. True Search is a subsidiary of True Platform, a global portfolio of human capital services and products for high-growth tech and tech-enabled organizations. True recently placed No. 6 on the Hunt Scanlon Media “Top 50 Recruiters” ranking.

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Contributed by Scott A. Scanlon, Editor-in-Chief; Dale M. Zupsansky, Executive Editor; Lily Fauver, Managing Editor – Hunt Scanlon Media

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