Executive Search

Talent is the key to your organization’s long term success. But the risks and costs of hiring the wrong person – someone who misses opportunities or who fails to develop strong teams and partners to achieve results – are significant. At KBRS, we start by building a deep understanding of your strategic objectives, culture, and technical requirements to ensure we attract the right fit for the desired results. This approach has fueled our growth as the largest search firm and led to the successful attraction of more outstanding senior leaders to the region than any other firm.

Practice members

Erica Armstrong Executive Recruiter Bio
Joanmary Baker Senior Consultant Bio
Brittany Beale Consultant Bio
Michele Bedard Senior Consultant Bio
James Bell Partner Bio
Jennifer Berry Consulting Practice Leader Bio
Jan Campbell Associate Partner Bio
Tony Case Senior Consultant Bio
Peter Clarkson Senior Consultant Bio
Shauna Cole Senior Consultant Bio
Leah Cunningham Executive Recruiter Bio
Jim Dalling Senior Consultant Bio
Lois Dyer Mann Senior Consultant Bio
Jeff Forbes President & Managing Partner Bio
Mark Gillis Senior Consultant Bio
Laura Godsoe Principal and Diversity and Inclusion Lead Bio
Jamie Grant Partner Bio
Kaitlyn LeMoine Executive Recruiter Bio
Cathy Leonard Senior Consultant Bio
Robert Marchand Senior Consultant Bio
Scott McGaw Partner Bio
Joe Moore Partner Bio
Heather Peters Senior Consultant Bio
Kevin Stoddart Managing Partner Bio
Anna Stuart Managing Partner Bio