Russell Reynolds Associates and Hogan Assessments Expand Partnership

November 13, 2020 – Russell Reynolds Associates and Hogan Assessments, a global provider of personality assessment and leadership development, have expanded their partnership with a new initiative to increase the effectiveness and versatility of C-suite leadership teams. “The complexity and pace of change in today’s environment requires C-suite leadership teams to act with purpose, vision and speed,” said Clarke Murphy, CEO of Russell Reynolds Associates. “Too often, though, teams at the top are not teams at all. Ineffective C-suite teams create a cascade of confusion for their organizations and are often paralyzed by sudden shifts in their environments.”

“We are excited to work with Hogan to create new tools and services to enhance the performance of top teams,” Mr. Murphy said. “The partnership will combine Hogan Assessments’ unmatched depth in the science of assessment and personality with Russell Reynolds Associates’ depth of experience advising CEOs and boards on their most important leadership challenges.”

“The unique partnership we have with Russell Reynolds fosters a marriage of deep advisory experience with unrivaled expertise in the science of personality,” said Scott Gregory, CEO of Hogan Assessments. “The first result was the innovative Leadership Span model for assessing senior leaders’ breadth of ability.”

“Our current focus on senior teams is a natural evolution and promises to be equally innovative,” Mr. Gregory said. “Our combined teams reviewed decades of research, dozens of team models and mined Hogan’s data archive on teams, which revealed some very interesting challenges that are unique and highly consequential to senior leadership teams.”

Expanded Alliance

The expanded partnership builds upon the firms’ well-established partnership to drive C-suite performance, combining Russell Reynolds Associates’ depth of expertise in advising CEOs, C-suites and boards on their leadership challenges with Hogan’s suite of assessment instruments, data assets and scientific acumen. The firms will work together to create a new diagnostic approach to designing, aligning and accelerating C-suite team performance and readiness to lead across a range of future business scenarios.

Russell Reynolds and Hogan first partnered in 2016 when they joined forces in an effort to increase the success rate of executive appointments and accelerate the development of rising leaders.

Russell Reynolds Associates is a global leadership advisory and search firm. Its 425-plus consultants in 46 offices work with public, private and non-profit organizations across all industries and regions. Ranked by Hunt Scanlon Media as the third largest search firm in the Americas, Russell Reynolds Associates earns annual revenues of more than $436.6 million.

Recent Acquisition

Recently, Russell Reynolds Associates acquired the cultural analytics business of Workplace Analytics, a provider of data-driven insights and analysis about corporate culture. With this addition, the firm expands its culture assessment portfolio to assist CEOs, boards of directors and CHROs in more accurately identifying deep-rooted issues within a company’s culture and creating environments that drive performance, spur innovation and foster collaboration. As the firm sees it, more data means less risk, hence the acquisition.

The cultural analytics methodology developed by Workplace Analytics focuses on the areas of business operations that have long been considered largely immune to accurate measurement. By utilizing proprietary analytic methods drawn from behavioral economics, social psychology and advanced survey research, this approach pinpoints where leadership and board action on culture is most needed.

“Most culture surveys lie to you – providing either murky or misleading pictures of the true risks embedded in organizational culture, and that matters,” said Mr. Murphy. “Without an accurate measure of current culture, leadership teams and boards will struggle to build the agile, inclusive cultures required to drive growth in a fast-changing world – and they will be caught off guard by behavioral and cultural risk that typical culture surveys fail to measure.”

Contributed by Scott A. Scanlon, Editor-in-Chief; Dale M. Zupsansky, Managing Editor; and Stephen Sawicki, Managing Editor  – Hunt Scanlon Media

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