Stefano L. Tresca


Stefano is an expert in financial technology—or Fintech—and digital transformation. Serial entrepreneur, bestselling author, and tech investor, he has traveled or worked in over 50 countries. He’s a founding member of Level39, Europe’s largest technology accelerator for fintech and future cities, and founder of StartupHome, a co-living community for entrepreneurs.

Stefano joined HTP in 2017 to help fill a gap at the crossroad between finance and tech. The financial industry is going through significant changes and revolutions – challenger banks, startups, crypto currencies, artificial intelligence, and major tech companies moving into banking and insurance. Traditional players need talented individuals capable of adapting to this fast-changing environment. New players need people with expertise and passion.

There is a dramatic skills shortage in the industry, and many recruiters are still hiring people based on old titles and an outdated criteria. Having worked at both major corporations and tech startups, Stefano aims to fill this gap, helping companies to avoid the obvious choice and hire the right talents.

  • Executive Search