Sahar Akhtar

Head of Sector, Industrials, EMEA

Sahar is a trusted Executive Search Leader with a proven track record in building high-performing senior executive teams for organizations based within the Chemical, Materials, and Process industries. As the Head of the Industrial Sector at Pacific International, he drives new business development activity by forging strategic talent partnerships in my specialized domain.

He guides a team of consultants who excel in areas of Executive Search, Succession Planning, and Diversity Strategies. Sahar provides consultive advice to Fortune 500, FTSE 100, and dynamic growth-focused businesses, addressing their hiring challenges to secure top-tier talent for strategic success.

His goal is to help organizations tackle hiring hurdles and draw in critical talent, pivotal for strategic business objectives. He has cultivated lasting relationships with senior executives and businesses, forming a network of engaged professionals and industry experts for insights and support.

Geographically, his core focus is across European markets where he functions as a Business Partner, prioritizing timely project delivery for clients while maintaining a strong commitment focused on advancing their strategic ambitions.

Whether you have questions about Pacific’s services, a specific executive search mandate, or general talent acquisition needs, please get in touch.