Raj Kumar Paramanathan

Energy, Natural Resources & Infrastructure Practice Lead

Inspired to deliver solutions to business problems, Raj Kumar co-founded CnetG Asia in Malaysia and Thailand in 2001.

As a Partner of the firm, globally known as IRC, Raj is thrilled by opportunities to search and select the best executives for hard-to-fill or mission-critical roles. Taking clients through a series of questions and sharing industry insights, Raj encapsulates the role profile into a solution for the business problem or aspiration.

Raj realized that if necessity was the mother of inventions, inquisitiveness was the primary. Raj spends off-work hours researching on market and industry trends. He develops thought leadership articles and business ideas that can contribute to his clients growth.

Raj was appointed to the Board of IRC Institute in 2016 to continue pursuing the agenda within a global ecosystem. Together with the other members of the Board, Raj develops a short and long-term strategy of the institute towards developing value-adding insights to clients and partners.

Although Rajs expertise is across industries, he has built deep expertise in the energy sector. Raj has a background in project management in power generation and has worked with Siemens Power Generation Asia Pacific, prior to starting CnetG Asia.

Currently, as the Global Energy Practice Leader in IRC, Raj aims to continue developing reports and insights influencing the sector, with his strong team located in all the regions, continuing the IRC agenda of sharing global trends and local insights.

Driven by “doing good things and doing it right”, Raj invests his time in enabling and empowering people. As one of the mentors in Lean in Malaysia Career Programme – part of Facebooks COO, Sheryl Sandbergs Lean In initiative, Raj guided and counseled mid-career women from leading corporates towards planning and building a successful career. In parallel, he educates and inspires the industry to embrace diversity as one of the organizational values.

As a member of the Global Diversity Practice, IRC, Raj believes that a diverse and inclusive organization not only delivers better performance and returns but also harnesses upon the skill sets of a wider pool of talents.

Raj holds Master of Science degree from University Kebangsaan Malaysia. He is also an avid speaker and a writer, who not only delivers at global forums, but contributes thought leadership articles to various mainstream media and publications.