Betty Marcon

Business Manager

Betty Marcon joined Terra Search Partners in 2016 as Business Manager, helping to run the business’s accounting and billing functions as well as human resources and benefits management. Betty developed her understanding of business operations as owner/operator of two restaurants in San Francisco, before concentrating in restaurant bookkeeping and consulting. Within the food service and hospitality environment she has worked as controller, human resource manager and payroll manager. Betty began her career in the food industry as a pastry cook, working in kitchens around the country and overseas. When she and her husband decided to open their own bistro in San Francisco, she became the business manager, learning the ropes first hand.

After ten years of running her own businesses, Betty decided to use her experience to help other restaurants with their bookkeeping, human resource management and payroll. After eight years of working with some of San Francisco most innovative restaurants and food service concepts , Betty is using her experience to help operations at Terra run more smoothly. As native of San Francisco, Betty graduated from Stanford University and loves living in the Bay Area. She continues to love to bake and cook, but mostly likes trying new restaurants whenever she can. She and her husband have raised two children (young adults!). Betty is particularly interested in issues relating to food systems, learning and writing about responsible business practices as they relate to the food industry.