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March 11, 2024 – Toronto-based executive search firm Ivy Group was recently selected The Forum to lead in its search for a new CEO. After five years of leadership, CEO Paulina Cameron left the organization at the end of December 2023. The incoming CEO will steer The Forum into its next chapter of growth and impact. The ideal candidate will resonate with The Forum’s core values and will be committed to expanding its reach to ensure that women entrepreneurs receive the recognition, resources, and support they deserve.

The CEO will lead with vision, articulating and implementing strategies that advance The Forum’s goals, including a “Grow Nationally, Connect Locally” strategy. They will champion the organization’s efforts to build a resilient Canadian economy by leveraging the strengths of diverse women-led businesses and drive systemic change through innovation and support. As an exceptional public speaker, the CEO will use their voice to engage and activate audiences, coast to coast to coast. As the leader of a mission driven organization at a pivotal time in its history, the CEO is both a strategic thinker, an operational executor, and a confident, resourceful fundraiser with the creativity, commitment, and determination to guide the charity to new heights of success and impact.

As The Forum shifts towards a self-sustaining model, Ivy Group explains that the incoming CEO will possess a formidable background in fundraising and a proven track record of innovative resource development. This executive leader will be adept at crafting and executing a comprehensive funding strategy, aimed at building on existing federal funding and enhancing financial resilience through diverse revenue streams.

The CEO’s expertise in these areas will be crucial to not only meet but exceed their ambitious targets, ensuring The Forum’s enduring impact and legacy. Additionally, Ivy Group says that the new CEO will be the custodian and champion of the strategic growth of the organization, aiming to reach and empower women entrepreneurs across all provinces and territories. They will be accountable for nurturing meaningful relationships, achieving intersectional representation within the community, and maintaining exceptional program satisfaction.

Desired Traits

Candidates should have a proven track record in high-level fundraising, with expertise in personal giving strategies and securing major gifts. Demonstrated ability in engaging with UHNW and HNW individuals, family trusts, and family offices, with the acumen to represent the charity’s interests persuasively is preferred.

Canadian Executive Search Market Shifts to Meet New Demands
Throughout 2023, executive search consultants have told Hunt Scanlon Media that the Canadian executive recruiting market experienced shifts in response to the evolving demands of a rapidly changing business environment across the country. Amidst the ongoing transformations in executive recruiting, the Canadian business landscape has become increasingly competitive, requiring a strategic approach to talent acquisition.

Recruiters also say that the demand for executive leadership with a profound understanding of global market trends, technological advancements, and new soft skills. While the Canadian market does have some similarities as the U.S., there are some profound differences facing Canadian recruiters including the need for bi-lingual executives, a bleaker outlook on the economy, and a smaller pool of candidates to select from. However, cross-border hiring remains strong and Canadian companies continue to look to the U.S. for talent.

Candidates must also have experience and knowledge of the government funding landscape, as well as corporate sponsorships and partnerships. They should also have demonstrated financial and business management experience, with the capability to lead an organization through strategic financial shifts and funding model transformations.

Since its inception 21 years ago, The Forum has been a beacon of support and a leading voice for women’s entrepreneurship in Canada, upholding a belief in the transformative power of women’s visions. Their journey began as a non-profit association in British Columbia in 2002, and evolved into a registered Canadian charity in 2016, forging ahead with a mission to equip women entrepreneurs with the necessary capital—financial, wisdom, and social—to succeed. The Forum’s rich community, composed of self-identified women at varying stages of their entrepreneurial quests, benefits approximately 1,600 entrepreneurs annually, which has created a thriving network of over 12,000

Ivy Group is a boutique recruitment firm offering executive search for senior positions. The firm was founded by Tracy Posner, Emily Murgatroyd, and Catherine Graham. They have a track record of placing board directors as well as chief and senior executives across multiple sectors.

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Contributed by Scott A. Scanlon, Editor-in-Chief; Dale M. Zupsansky, Executive Editor; Lily Fauver, Senior Editor – Hunt Scanlon Media

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