Integrating Human Capital Solutions in Private Equity That Deliver Value 

Private equity experts from Genstar Capital, Francisco Partners Consulting, and General Atlantic come together with The Tolan Group to discuss how to implement programs and resources that help maximize leadership capabilities and pinpoint weaknesses that stand in the way of growth. Join the webinar!

September 20, 2021 – Tremendous opportunity lies ahead in integrating a set of distinctive human capital solutions that will deliver exponential value to private equity firms and their portfolios. At the core of this drive are PE talent leaders and executive recruiters who are developing solutions to help clients navigate change and power value creation early in the hold period.

Creating value in portfolio investments begins with assimilating the right team. Understanding leadership competencies and skill-sets require more than simply reviewing the resume of prospective leaders. PE firms can recognize value in their investments by implementing programs and resources that accentuate leadership strengths and identify weaknesses before they become liabilities to the exit strategy.

“PE deal teams have an obvious result in mind for their portfolio companies and that is to deliver value to their limited partners,” said Tim Russell, managing partner of The Tolan Group. “What role does portfolio leadership play in that endeavor? How can PE firms know that they have the right team on board to accomplish their outcome? When assessing portco leadership a number of characteristics are considered as needed skill-sets to deliver value. What are they? Is it possible to ‘de-risk’ the deal by hiring the right leaders to manage the portfolio investment company?”

These and many other questions will be discussed in a roundtable discussion tomorrow, Sep 21 at 11am – moderated by Mr. Russell – when PE advisors and operating partners discuss the importance of human capital strategies in delivering value, the implementation of human capital strategies in delivering value and the indication of positive trends to recognizing value.

Joining in will be Katie Solomon, managing director – talent management at Genstar Capital; Anish Batlaw, an operating partner at General Atlantic who leads the firm’s human capital efforts in support of its global portfolio companies; and Garry Fielding, private equity operating advisor – human capital at Francisco Partners Consulting.

About the Panelists

Katie Solomon is managing director, talent management at Genstar Capital. She works across the firm’s portfolio to help drive growth through the identification and acquisition of talent. Ms. Solomon also manages Genstar Capital’s recruiting relationships. She brings experience in recruiting, finance, marketing and consulting to her role at the firm.

Anish Batlaw is an operating partner at General Atlantic and leads the firm’s human capital efforts (people, pay and performance) in support of its global portfolio companies. His responsibilities include development of General Atlantic’s talent network, assessment and development of management teams, executive compensation, governance structures, and providing strategic human capital counsel to the firm and its portfolio companies.

Garry Fielding is private equity operating advisor, human capital at Francisco Partners Consulting. He has spent over 17 years developing his global HR expertise and has worked across a broad spectrum of industries for all types of companies including start-ups, mid-size to large corporations, and consulting firms.

Mr. Russell, managing partner of The Tolan Group, focuses on expanding the firm’s client base in behavioral health, healthcare services, substance abuse recovery, healthcare IT, digital health and healthcare portfolio companies owned by private equity/venture capital groups. As a veteran healthcare recruiter of 22 years, Mr. Russell brings a variety of skills to his position. Throughout his time in the industry, he has been involved in over 750 recruitment projects ranging from staff level technologists to physicians of all specialties.

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Contributed by Scott A. Scanlon, Editor-in-Chief; Dale M. Zupsansky, Managing Editor; and Stephen Sawicki, Managing Editor – Hunt Scanlon Media

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