Whether an organization’s employees and leadership realize it or not, culture is an organization’s DNA. It’s the sum of all behaviors and the glue that makes a company unique. Hunt Scanlon Media is convening 500 corporate culture leaders, heads of D&I, chief talent officers and executive recruiters at the Plaza Hotel in New York on March 16, 2022 to explore the link between culture and value and growth.

Companies use its organizational culture as a strategic approach to optimize its performance by harnessing the strengths of its people. When your culture aligns with your company’s purpose, strategies and business goals, it accelerates value and growth and improves employee attraction, engagement and retention. But when it doesn’t, your team won’t feel as if they belong. There will be less productivity and your company may miss its revenue and growth targets.

Join our exclusive network of 500+ culture transformation leaders, CHROs, chief talent officers and executive recruiters on March 16, 2022 at the prestigious Plaza Hotel of New York. Our thought-provoking presentations and Q&A sessions exploring corporate culture today is a must-attend event. Our formal sessions will include continental breakfast, a mid-morning networking break, a pre-lunch champagne reception and a delicious main course.



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Rob Adams


Rob Adams Moderator – Hunt Scanlon Media
Carolyn Taylor

Cracking the Culture Code to Unlock Business Performance Improvement

Carolyn Taylor Founder & Executive Chair – Walking the Talk

Carolyn Taylor, founder and executive chair at Walking the Talk, has positioned herself as a pioneer in the field of culture back in 2005, when only the most visionary saw the potential culture had to deliver improved business performance. She has personally been involved in around 200 culture change journeys as an advisor to executives and coach to HR, and as such has more hands-on experience of what produces results, and what does not, than almost anyone in the world. In this practical presentation, Carolyn will share her knowledge on how to structure culture change initiatives in ways which produce results faster, so that the business benefits can be seen. She will crack the culture code and reveal how executives can overcome concerns they might have that culture is too intangible to merit the investment it requires.



Heidrick & Struggles Session


Heidrick & Struggles Session TBD

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Networking Break


Moderator: Jason Hanold

How DE&I is Impacting Corporate Culture Today

Moderator: Jason Hanold CEO – Hanold Associates

Recruiting a diverse slate of talent has been the mandate of the majority of major, global companies today. But that effort goes much further: a workforce comprised of individuals from all walks of life need to feel they are part of a culture where they belong and will thrive. In the following panel discussion, five leading talent, DE&I and culture professionals representing some of the most prominent brands in global business today, discuss the effort they have made to not only build a diverse workforce but help effect changes where they can grow and succeed.

KeyAnna Schmiedl
Global Head of DEI and Culture & Values 

Stuart Kaplan
Director, Culture Transformation
Google Cloud

Christopher Yates
Chief Talent Officer
Ford Motor Company

Donna Hicks-Mitchell
Vice President – Employee Engagement & Culture, Global Diversity & Inclusion

Cynara Charles-Pierre (Pending)
SVP, Culture and Communications 
The New York Times



Nancy Harrington Jones

The Rise of The Chief Culture Officer

Nancy Harrington Jones Chief Culture & Conduct Officer for the Americas – Societe Generale

It is no coincidence that the chief culture officer role is growing in popularity and, according to Forbes, “more and more organizations are realizing the importance of culture and the role it plays in creating a quality experience for employees and customers.” In fact studies have shown a clear connection between culture and a company’s reputation, financial performance and the attitude of its workforce. In the following presentation, Nancy Harrington Jones, outlines the reasons why the chief culture officer role has expanded exponentially in recent years and how top culture executives work to support an environment that fosters growth and a more positive employee experience. Reporting directly to the CEO, she will also outline how she works closely with the senior-most management to build a culture that, not only attracts top talent through a diverse and inclusive environment, but creates opportunities where they can develop a meaningful and longer-term career.




Luncheon Reception

Moderator: Louis Montgomery

Building New Cultures Through Strategic Talent Acquisition

Moderator: Louis Montgomery Partner, Practice Leader Human Resources and Diversity Officers – JM Search

If you talk to any executive search consultant today all will tell you that the success of any recruitment assignment starts with fully understanding the culture of the company they are partnering with. Five of the most prominent chiefs in executive search today discuss how they are helping their clients to change and advance their corporate culture through strategic hiring.

Steve Potter
Chief Executive Officer, U.S.
Odgers Berndtson

Andrew “Andy” Towne
Chief Executive Officer & Founding Partner 
Hobbs & Towne

John Wallace
Chief Executive Officer

Sasha Jensen
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Jensen Partners

Aileen Alexander
Vice Chair
Diversified Search Group



Michele Meyer-Shipp

The Evolution of Culture: The Pandemic's Impact on How We Work

Michele Meyer-Shipp Chief People & Culture Officer – Major League Baseball

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has dissipated to a significant degree in the U.S. and in major countries around the world. But in its wake we have been left with a global workforce that has been forever altered and, in many cases, these workforce changes will likely be permanent. In the following session, one of the most prominent corporate culture professionals will provide her insight on how this new structure of remote working will significantly affect company culture. She will discuss the pros and cons of the new remote way of working and if this will create a more cohesive culture or tear at its fabric creating new challenges in how we work as corporate brands reinvent the new culture dynamic.



Yves Van Durme

Culture is Dead…or is it?

Yves Van Durme Global Organization Transformation Leader – Deloitte

Culture is a topic that gains quite a bit of attention in many organizations. Companies today are juggling a myriad of issues as they navigate the transition back into workplaces. In these shifting times, culture clearly rises on leader’s agendas, and the need to cultivate and reinforce cultures that support business strategies becomes an imperative. Yet many leaders and organizations struggle with the role culture plays and the work that needs to be done to address culture challenges. Culture matters and the question is how it will evolve given our new reality. Deloitte’s global organization transformation leader, Yves Van Durme, will examine his perspective on why we need to look at culture more holistically than we have in the past. He will discuss why culture is an important mechanism by which companies can evolve ways of working to increase collaboration, innovation, compliance, and ultimately customer satisfaction. Learn how Deloitte has leveraged the power of the crowd to develop research backed perspectives on the main cultural levers to pull in order to transform. 



Karen Lynch

Great Company Culture Starts at the Top

Karen Lynch Chief Executive Officer – CVS Health

Senior leadership clearly sets the tone for company culture. And no senior leader is more responsible for driving and implementing culture than its CEO who understands that consistent words and actions, aligned with the corporate story and strategy are consistently on display. CEOs that fully embrace culture are driven by a unique set of values centered on clear goals. Culture-minded CEOs understand that fostering growth and opportunity and embracing diversity and inclusion create an organization that denotes, “we are all this this together.” In the following keynote presentation, the CEO of one of the largest U.S. companies discusses how she works tirelessly on building a purpose-driven organization through a culture that creates passion, excitement and togetherness among its 300,000 employee workforce.



Rob Adams


Rob Adams Moderator – Hunt Scanlon Media

On March 16, 2022 Hunt Scanlon Media is convening hundreds of executive recruiters, culture leaders, and diversity, equity and inclusion professionals at The Plaza Hotel of New York.

Whether an organization’s employees and leadership realize it or not, culture is an organization’s DNA. It’s the sum of all behaviors and the glue that makes a company unique. Hunt Scanlon Media is convening 500 corporate culture leaders, heads of D&I, chief talent officers and executive recruiters at the Plaza Hotel in New York on March 16, 2022 to explore the link between culture and value and growth.

Companies use its organizational culture as a strategic approach to optimize its performance by harnessing the strengths of its people. When your culture aligns with your company’s purpose, strategies and business goals, it accelerates value and growth and improves employee attraction, engagement and retention. But when it doesn’t, your team won’t feel as if they belong. There will be less productivity and your company may miss its revenue and growth targets.

‘Linking Culture to Value and Growth’ will include leaders from across the field, including: Carolyn Taylor, founder and executive chair at Walking the Talk; Jason Hanold, chief executive officer at Hanold Associates; KeyAnna Schmiedl, global head of DEI and Culture & Values at Wayfair; Stuart Kaplan, director of culture transformation at Google Cloud; Christopher Yates, chief talent officer at Ford Motor Company; Donna Hicks-Mitchell, vice president – employee engagement & culture, global diversity & inclusion at Citi; Nancy Harrington Jones, chief culture & conduct officer for the Americas at Societe General; Louis Montgomery, partner and practice leader human resources and diversity officers at JM Search; Steve Potter, chief executive officer U.S. at Odgers Berndtson; Andrew “Andy” Towne, chief executive officer and founding partner of Hobbs & Towne; John Wallace, chief executive officer at Caldwell; Sasha Jensen, chief executive officer and founder of Jensen Partners; Aileen Alexander, vice chair at Diversified Search Group; Michele Meyer-Shipp, chief people & culture officer at Major League Baseball; Yves Van Durme, global organization transformation leader at Deloitte; Karen Lynch, chief executive officer at CVS Health and others.

Join our exclusive network of 500+ culture transformation leaders, CHROs, chief talent officers and executive recruiters on March 16, 2022 at the prestigious Plaza Hotel of New York. Our thought-provoking presentations and Q&A sessions exploring corporate culture today is a must-attend event. Our formal sessions will include continental breakfast, a mid-morning networking break, a pre-lunch champagne reception and a delicious main course.

Plaza Hotel of New York City
5th Avenue at, Central Park S, New York, NY 10022

(Cancellation notice: any passes canceled after May 24, 2021 will not be refunded. Sponsorships non-refundable.)


Aileen Alexander, Vice Chair – Diversified Search Group

Aileen Alexander is the vice chair of Diversified Search Group, the largest woman-founded executive search firm in the world.  She leads the firm’s global corporate practice which advises clients across the consumer, financial services, industrial, life sciences, and technology industries, including private equity.  Aileen is a member of DSG’s management committee and a global board member of AltoPartners, the firm’s international alliance.

Based in Philadelphia, Aileen is a recognized leader in the executive search and talent management industry, having led C-Suite and Board level searches from large, global corporations to high growth entrepreneurial companies. She leverages her expertise in technology, cybersecurity, risk management, leadership, and succession planning to enable clients to achieve their purpose and strategic priorities.  Alexander is committed to ensuring client service that is creative, nimble, responsive, and centered on people first and building diverse teams that drive innovation, growth, and inclusive cultures.

Prior to joining DSG, she was a managing partner at Korn Ferry where she co-launched and co-led the firm’s global cybersecurity practice. She had leadership responsibilities for Philadelphia and was also a member of the technology officers and aerospace and defense practices. She entered the industry with Heidrick & Struggles, in their Washington, DC office.

Before embarking on her career in executive search, Aileen worked in international security and defense policy at the Department of Defense and U.S. House of Representatives. She is also a military veteran, having served as a Captain in the U.S. Army.

Yves Van Durme, Global Organization Transformation Leader – Deloitte

Yves Van Durme is the global organization transformation leader and is a partner in the North & South Europe consulting practice of Deloitte. He has been leading the strategic change team on a journey to change ‘Change’. Yves is specialized in cultural transformation, leadership & organizational development and (data-driven) people strategy, and has over 20 years’ experience as a consultant, project manager and program developer for human capital projects for multiple European, Japanese, American and Belgian multinationals.

Based on his experience coaching high performance sports, he has an affinity for leadership and organizational development. Previously, Yves was the business unit director ‘Talent Management’ for Hudson BNL where he was involved from a content and management perspective with HR strategy, competency and performance management, career counseling, assessments, management development, organization and change.

Jason Hanold, Chief Executive Officer – Hanold Associates

Jason Hanold is the CEO and co-managing partner at Hanold Associates focused on chief HR officer, chief diversity, equity & inclusion, and diverse board director searches. He serves a client roster that includes Moderna, National Football League, The New York Times Company, American Airlines, Patagonia, Abercrombie & Fitch, Apollo, Big Ten Conference, Biogen, Blackstone, Carnival Corp., ClubCorp, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Domino’s Pizza, eBay, Electronic Arts, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Fiat-Chrysler, Ford Motor Company, Fossil, Gucci, Kellogg, Kohler, L Catterton, Live Nation Entertainment, Major League Baseball, McDonald’s, Nike, Northwestern University, REI, Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, SC Johnson, Tom Brady’s TB12, TPG, Under Armour, Human Rights First, Global Foodbanking Network, Vail Resorts, Wikimedia and Zoom, among many others including a long list of start-up and mid-size organizations.

Before launching Hanold Associates, Jason was a managing director with Russell Reynolds Associates where he was the leader the firm’s global human resources officer practice and was a member of the board of directors and CEO practices.

Prior to Russell Reynolds Associates, Jason led the global talent acquisition for Whirlpool Corporation. Preceding Whirlpool, he was the director of recruiting with McKinsey & Company charged with direct-elect partner hiring and based in the firm-wide headquarters in New York. Prior to McKinsey & Company, he was the Americas director of global leadership recruiting at Deloitte. He started his career with State Farm Insurance companies in claims operations, progressing into broader human resources roles.

Donna Hicks-Mitchell, Vice President Employee Engagement & Culture, Global Diversity & Inclusion – Citi

When leaders want to break diversity silos, drive engagement and innovation through collaboration and teamwork they call Donna Hicks-Mitchell. As a pre-eminent retention strategist and emerging voice on diversity. equity and inclusion, Donna serves as global VP of DEI for Citi. She has contributed her voice to executive roundtables, corporate keynotes, leadership training and executive 1:1 coaching for top companies across the globe! Donna understands how to articulate remarkable strategies that facilitate remarkable conversations that lead to remarkable outcomes.

Donna is an internationally recognized leading authority, author and advisor on “Remarkable Retention” named top 25 business women of Hillsborough County, she is the author of two books “The Secrets of a Corporate Diva” and “Remarkable Retention” (12/2021)

In 2021, the world of business is increasingly shifting to the realization that there is a significant gap in the experiences of diverse employees versus other employees. Donna shares remarkable and innovative strategies to unlock the collective power of teams, build an inclusive culture of trust and safety across organizations and create authentic engagement to ensure authentic contributions are platformed and recognized.

Rated #1 on the Top Women Keynote speakers and featured as one of the diversity equity and inclusion most likely to share the future of business, Donna frequently shares her insights on business podcasts, virtual keynote summits and executive roundtables.

Donna has been requested to speak on stages across the globe ranging on topics from remarkable onboarding, retention roadmapping, diversity and inclusion, leadership development for women and executive presence for companies such as Ford Motor Company, American Express, Citi, Google, Black Enterprise, Florida State’s Attorney General’s Office and Statefarm.

Sasha Jensen, Chief Executive Officer & Founder – Jensen Partners

As founder and CEO of Jensen Partners, Sasha Jensen leads a team of senior recruitment specialists and data scientists dedicated exclusively to the sourcing, recruitment and placement of capital raising and investment professionals for leading alternative investment firms.

As a former investigative journalist, Sasha firmly believes that data substantiates an immediate call to action. As a woman-owned business, Jensen Partners was founded in 2012 on the principle that diversity is a critical and immediate need in the alternative investment space. Under Sasha’s leadership and backed by the power of data, Jensen Partners has become the trusted, chosen partner for individuals and institutions in the industry.

In fact, Sasha was described as “the most successful executive recruiter for asset gatherers” by Institutional Investor magazine. She works directly with founders, CEOs, CIOs and global heads of distribution to help build out specialized distribution teams for her clients, leveraging her firm’s proprietary 360° Investor Referencing™ Methodology to gain qualitative and quantitative insights about each candidate’s asset-raising capabilities and investor relationships.

Prior to founding Jensen Partners, Sasha was the director of alternative asset management recruiting for The Gerson Group in New York and London, where she specialized in placing marketing teams for hedge funds and investment banking platforms. Before joining Gerson, she was global head of fund distribution for Kinsey Allen International, and before that she was a senior asset raising recruiter for Rice and Dore. Sasha started her career as an investigative journalist on Fleet Street, and worked as head of investigations on the Saturday Star and Sunday Independent in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Nancy Harrington Jones, Chief Culture & Conduct Officer for the Americas – Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Banking

Nancy Harrington Jones is currently the Societe Generale Americas chief culture & conduct officer overseeing the management and implementation of the culture & conduct program which is a strategic priority for SG. The primary objective of the program is to secure safe, sound and profitable businesses that will inspire long-lasting, confident relationships with its clients, peers and employees. This will be accomplished by promoting and enforcing the behaviors that will embody the group’s values and making culture & conduct principles the cornerstone of the way they operate their business on a day-to-day basis.

Nancy was the chief human resources officer SG Americas from 2007 through May 2016, and prior to that was the global director of human resources for information technology based in Paris. She spent several years in the information technology division in various management positions, in addition to working for the CFO and managing the internal technology audit team.

Stuart Kaplan, Director of Culture Transformation – Google Cloud

Stuart Kaplan is an expert at the intersection of strategy and people. He has two and half decades of experience in organization development, leadership effectiveness, and strategy consulting.

Stuart currently leads Google Cloud’s global culture transformation initiative. Prior to this role, Stuart led organization development and leadership work in the Office of the CEO as well as in many of Google’s core businesses, including Search, Maps, and YouTube. He started his Google career as head of business leadership recruiting.

Before joining to Google, Stuart served as both a business leader and consultant at Accenture and Korn Ferry. Stuart started his career on AT&T’s Accelerated Management Program.

Karen Lynch, Chief Executive Officer – CVS Health

Karen S. Lynch is president and chief executive officer of CVS Health, a Fortune 4 diversified health services company. Karen leads more than 300,000 colleagues who are passionate about transforming health care to be simpler, more convenient and more personalized.

Under Karen’s leadership, CVS Health touches the lives of more than 100 million people each year through its unique combination of assets, including more than 9,900 pharmacies and over 1,000 MinuteClinic and HealthHUB locations. CVS Health also serves an estimated 34 million people through its health insurance products and services. CVS Health continues to play a leading role in the national response to COVID-19 through testing solutions and vaccine administration across the country.

Karen has over three decades of experience in the health care industry. Prior to becoming chief executive officer, she was executive vice president, CVS Health and president of Aetna and responsible for driving the strategy to deliver consumer-focused, high-value health care to the millions of people Aetna serves.

Before joining CVS Health, Karen held executive positions at Cigna and Magellan Health Services, where she served as president. She began her career with Ernst & Young as a certified public accountant (CPA).

In 2021, she was included on Forbes’ inaugural “50 over 50” list. She was recognized by Forbes as one of The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women in 2020 and included on Business Insider’s Top 100 People Transforming Business list in 2019. For the past five years (2016 to 2020), she was named to Fortune’s list of the 50 Most Powerful Women in Business.

Karen serves on the board of U.S. Bancorp and is Chair of their Audit Committee. She is a trustee of The Bushnell Performing Arts Center and a member of the Global 50 and the Boston College Women’s Council. Karen also serves as a member of the Business Roundtable.

Michele Meyer-Shipp, Chief People & Culture Officer – Major League Baseball

Michele Meyer-Shipp was named MLB’s chief people & culture officer by Commissioner Robert D. Manfred, Jr. in August 2020. In this capacity, Michele oversees all of MLB’s human resources activities, including talent processes and programs, workplace culture, and diversity and inclusion. She also manages all off-field office operations.

Michele joined MLB from “Big 4 Accounting Firm” KPMG LLP, where she has served as chief diversity & inclusion officer. While at KPMG, she led all firm programs and initiatives relating to workforce, workplace, and marketplace diversity and inclusion. In addition to overseeing a host of human resource-related initiatives in this role, she consulted with clients on building diverse and inclusive workplaces. Previously, Michele worked for Prudential Financial, serving as global chief diversity officer for five years, and for the law firm Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP, where she was global chief diversity & inclusion officer. Prior to those roles, she spent over a decade practicing employment law in both the public and private sectors, counseling clients on driving equitable talent and workplace practices.

Michele Meyer-Shipp has served on many industry and association tasks forces and committees, including Twitter’s Diversity Advisory Council, Working Mother Media’s Multicultural Advisory Board, National Organization on Disability, and Rutgers University’s Student Affairs Executive Advisory Council. She also has been a Contributor to Yahoo! Finance News. Michele has received numerous awards and accolades for her professional accomplishments, including most recently being recognized among the “Top 100 Women of Influence” by Diversity MBA.

Louis Montgomery, Partner and Practice Leader Human Resources and Diversity Officers – JM Search

Louis Montgomery Jr. leads the firm’s human resources and diversity officer practice. Louis specializes in the placement of human resource leaders, their teams and diversity officers. To date 75% of his placements are women and 50% are people of color.   

He joins JM Search from Korn Ferry where he led a human resources and diversity officer practice. He has successfully placed human resource leaders and diversity officers in a variety of sectors including; private equity, industrial, consumer, healthcare, life sciences, higher education and associations. 

Prior to moving into executive search, Louis had more than 30 years of experience as a human resources practitioner and diversity officer with several major Fortune 100 firms including, IBM, Celanese Corporation, Frito Lay, Kraft Foods, Altria, AES and Serco North America.   

Louis is an Author and thought leader in human resources and diversity/ inclusion.  Some of his publications include; A Years Worth of Inspiration, and several thought leadership articles including HR Goes to SchoolStarbucks Battle Against BiasGolden Talent and “Next Generation Diversity Officers” a research study on the leadership competencies of diversity officers. He has been quoted in numerous publications including The New York Times, Washington Post, Human Resources Executive, Black Enterprise and American Banker. 

Steve Potter, Chief Executive Officer, U.S. – Odgers Berndtson

Steve Potter is the CEO of Odgers Berndtson US and sits on its global board. He has spent over two decades as a founder, CEO and senior executive of several financial services executive search firms. Steve co-founded and served as CEO of Sextant Search Partners. Prior to that, he was appointed CEO of TMP Worldwide Executive Search, following TMP’s acquisition of Highland Search Group, a boutique executive search firm that he founded in 1995. Steve was one of five divisional CEOs for TMP Worldwide, a $7B public company and owner of, and he also served on the TMP management committee. Steve began his recruiting career at Russell Reynolds Associates, where he started the firm’s global banking and merchant banking practices. He oversaw Russell Reynolds’ Asian operation and served as a member of the executive committee.

KeyAnna Schmiedl, Global Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Culture & Values – Wayfair

KeyAnna Schmiedl serves as the global head of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and culture & values at Wayfair, one of the world’s largest online destinations for the home. An avid learner and dot connector, KeyAnna loves to create solutions and discussions that center Org design and DEI as tools for supporting authenticity and empathy. At Wayfair, she applies a breadth of experience to provide innovative and collaborative solutions, such as inclusive competency modeling and activating senior leaders as advocates and proponents in a culture of learning, inclusivity, and results.

KeyAnna believes that highlighting the need to move from “careful” to “thoughtful” conversations in the workplace is key to the success of an evolved workplace culture overall, prioritizing a sense of belonging alongside results. Bridging the gap between differences is vital for any successful endeavor and ensuring leaders and employees have the tools necessary to do just that is the goal of her work.

Prior to joining Wayfair, KeyAnna served as head of diversity and inclusion at Santander Bank, N.A. and led DEI practices for IBIS Consulting Group. She also held roles at Partners Healthcare and Harvard University.

Carolyn Taylor, Founder & Executive Chair – Walking the Talk

Carolyn Taylor is one of the world’s foremost experts in organizational culture change and the executive chair of Walking the talk. During her 30 years in the field, Carolyn has run workshops with 50,000 leaders, worked alongside 200 culture change journeys, consulted on 15 mergers & acquisitions, coached 60 CEOs and worked in 35 countries. She can certainly advise on what works and what doesn’t in terms of changing culture.

Born in London, Carolyn spent some years in Australia where she pioneered work in leadership, values and culture through her company, Corporate Vision. The firm was in the BRW 100 fastest growing Australian companies five years in a row, and her achievements led her to being a finalist Telstra Businesswoman of the Year in 1998, and Australian Business Woman’s Hall of Fame in the same year. The company provided organizational development services to most of the major companies in Australia and the UK. Her clients included the CEOs of Telstra, NAB, Westpac, Wyeth and Rio Tinto.

In 2005, Carolyn joined a global consulting firm as an Academic Board member, where she Introduced a culture practice, and worked with executives in some of the world’s leading companies to build the cultures they required and ensure that they themselves were walking their talk. She was Global Sales and Marketing Partner during a period of 300% growth and led several of the largest culture change projects in which the company was involved. Her clients included Henri de Castries, CEO of AXA, Roberto Setubal, President of Itau Unibanco bank in Brazil, Sheryl Sandberg, the executive responsible for the monetization of Google and COO of Facebook; Mark Begor, EGM GE Money.

In 2009, driven by a vision to promote her culture management methodologies to a much larger group of internal and external culture advocates, she co-founded Walking the Talk, to build an integrated culture management system – diagnostic, planning and training tools – to enable companies to capitalize on their culture and to build internal capability. With hubs in Europe, Australia and Latin America, Walking the Talk’s mission is to make culture do-able, so that more and more organizations can do extraordinary things because of the behaviors and mindsets of their people. Carolyn has worked deeply in recent years with Sanofi, Vale, Novartis, BT, Dubai Airports to help them achieve their culture goals.

In 2021 Walking the Talk was acquired by the fast-growing US executive search firm ZRG Partners, who, together with Walking the Talk, have been able to build unique ways of using recruitment as a lever for accelerating culture change.

Carolyn is known for her ability to demonstrate links between strategy, culture and leadership behavior, facilitating events with teams that are insightful, profound, fun and provocative. She is forever touched by the courage and openness her clients show as they strive to explore the relationship between their behavior and how it leads to a culture which either supports or detracts from the performance of their organization.

Andrew “Andy” Towne, Chief Executive Officer & Founding Partner – Hobbs & Towne

Andrew “Andy” Towne is the co-founder & CEO of Hobbs & Towne, Inc. (“HTI”) and pioneered ESG and sustainability-focused executive search, building the top firm in the CleanTech and ClimateTech category since 1997. HTI is a boutique advisory services firm, which includes talent, deal sourcing, leadership assessment, interim management and M&A advisory, with 15 Partners, 5 Operating Partners and a team of 40 spread across offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Toronto, Philadelphia and London. Andy specializes in working with transformational, growth companies, with an emphasis on Mobility, Energy, Food, Agriculture and Water. Andy has helped build some of the most exciting and innovative companies in sustainability, including Impossible Foods, Proterra, Sunlight Financial, Shoals Technologies, Array Technologies, Apeel Sciences, Eat Just, Taxon BioSciences, Open Blue, Gevo, USHR, XL Fleet, STEM, Enphase, EnerNOC, Comverge and Vertiv, as well as emerging companies, such as SOURCE Global, Good Catch Foods, Smart Wires, NUGGS, FlexGen, SemaConnect and Cervest.

Andy has personally completed over 500 executive searches, including over 150 of the firm’s 300+ CEO searches. He has partnered with many of the premier investors around the world, including the likes of Breakthrough Energy Partners, Khosla Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, Oaktree Capital and Platinum Equity, to build top-tier investment teams and leadership teams for transformative companies. Having executed many of the most critical mandates in ESG, Andy has developed a massive network with the most impactful investors, innovative technologists and successful, market-changing executives.

Prior to Hobbs & Towne, Andy served in the front office for the Philadelphia Phillies Major League Baseball Club. Andy sat on the Board of Trustees for Germantown Academy preparatory school and is a Board Observer for High Beauty in Santa Rosa, CA.

John Wallace, Chief Executive Officer – Caldwell

John Wallace is the chief executive officer of Caldwell Partners, one of the most experienced and fastest-growing executive search firms across the globe. He also serves on the firm’s board of directors.

A relentless results and client-focused leader, John draws on 20 years of successful executive search direction experience to drive exceptional results based on objective measures, market intelligence, strategic planning initiatives, and clear targets for growth. His ability to successfully build high functioning, client-centric teams has been a key driver in Caldwell’s exponential growth. Since becoming CEO in 2008, John has effected a strategic growth plan for the firm that has included launching operations in the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific, while quadrupling the firm’s annual revenue.

Prior to joining Caldwell Partners, John was president and chief executive officer of Highland Partners, the executive search division of Hudson Highland Group, the world’s largest combined executive search, specialty staffing, and related consulting services firm at the time.

Before entering the executive search industry in 1996, he held senior marketing and management positions in the telecommunications industry.

Christopher Yates, Chief Talent Officer – Ford Motor Company

Chris Yates is the chief talent officer at Ford Motor Co. & previously general manager of learning and development at Microsoft. He is also the co-author of two published books by Bloomsbury Publishing, London: Share: How Organisations Can Thrive in an Age of Networked Knowledge, Power and Relationships (2020) and Rewire: A Radical Approach to Tackling Diversity and Difference (2015).

Chris has held senior roles as chief learning officer and head of people and organizational development for Caterpillar Inc. Additionally, he has held global HR leadership roles for HSBC and American Express. Chris specializes in organizational design, change and effectiveness, talent development and leadership, as well as culture, diversity and inclusion.


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At Caldwell, they believe talent transforms. As a leading provider of executive talent, the firm enables their clients to thrive and succeed by helping them identify, recruit and retain their best people. The firm’s reputation – nearly 50 years in the making – has been built on transformative searches across functions and geographies at the very highest levels of management and operations. They leverage their skills and networks to also provide agile talent solutions in the form of flexible and on-demand advisory services for companies looking for support in strategy and operations.

With offices and partners across North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific, the firm takes pride in delivering an unmatched level of service and expertise to their clients. For more information, visit

Diversified Search is one of the top 10 retained executive search firms in North America. It has nine offices across the U.S. – in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Southern California, Miami, New York, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. and global capabilities in 37 countries as the exclusive U.S. partner of Alto Partners. Diversified Search delivers leadership talent to its clients using a highly collaborative approach to each search assignment, viewing each one through a broad lens. This allows its consultants to consider all issues – including generational, cultural, ethnic, industry, gender and functional – to bring organizations fresh, high-potential candidates. For more information, visit

Hanold Associates is a retained HR executive search firm focused on recruiting human resources officers and diversity & inclusion leaders. The firm understands the importance of talent and culture inside an organization and builds people-first organizations every day, one leader at a time. Although its client list is diverse, across industries, geographies and business scenarios, culture is at the core of everything they do. The firm is shaping organizations while changing the landscape of the human capital space through distinctive leadership.

Some of Hanold’s more recent top HR searches include those for Domino’s Pizza, Under Armour, the National Football League, Patagonia, REI, UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), Gucci, Live Nation Entertainment, Apollo, Blackstone, TPG, Northwestern University, Electronic Arts, Fiat-Chrysler, Kohler, SC Johnson, eBay, Great Place To Work, Heinz, Fossil, Vail Resorts, Edward Jones, AbbVie, Carnival Corp., Google, Biogen, Allstate, Bridgestone, Silicon Valley Bank, T. Rowe Price, Wikimedia, Cargill, CNA Financial, Cummins, Tyson, ClubCorp, CDW and Nike, among others. For more information, visit

Hobbs & Towne, Inc. is an executive search and advisory services firm with a mission of building a more sustainable future. The firm was founded in 1997 by Andy Towne and Bobby Hobbs, and has focused in cleantech, climate technology and sustainability for over 20 years. HTI provides services including executive search, M&A advisory, leadership assessment and executive coaching, interim management, capital raise advisory, and diversity, equity, & inclusion training and advisory. For more information, please visit

Jensen Partners is a global advisory, corporate development and executive search firm that leverages its extensive relationships in the institutional asset allocator and alternative asset manager community to identify and place leading capital-raising and investment candidates. For more information, visit

Odgers Berndtson is a global executive search, interim management, talent assessment and leadership development firm. They have the scale, reach and experience to serve all major markets but we remain lean, flexible and innovative.

Being a challenger is at the heart of the firm’s cultural DNA. They have a track record of anticipating their client’s needs and challenging the status quo.

The firm’s clients come from every shape and size of organization, from start-ups to multinational corporations, and span the private, not-for-profit and public sectors, with expertise in business, government, academic and public life. All of the firm’s clients understand the value of finding the right person for the right job at the right time – and in the right way. For more information, visit

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Thank you for your interest in attending our upcoming conference, Linking Culture to Value and Growth,’ to be held on March 16, 2022 at the Plaza Hotel of New York. The full-day event will begin at 7:30am with continental breakfast, a mid-day luncheon along with a full day of very exciting presentations by top professionals in the sector.

We invite you to come learn how the business community is exploring the link between culture and value and growth.


Price: $1,350

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