Financial Services

The financial services sector has been revolutionized over the past 30 years—as have the leadership skills required to drive success in this rapidly changing marketplace. Caldwell has played an important role in this evolution across all key markets, from asset management, consumer and commercial banking, to insurance, investment banking, and wealth management/family offices. We have more than four decades of experience working with financial institutions to build teams and individuals who lead the industry in innovative practices, sound management, diversity initiatives, synergistic M&A, and new product development. We are unmatched in the depth and breadth of our expertise in the financial services sector, and have the insight and resources to continue to help organizations meet new opportunities and challenges as they arise. Our team has completed more than 6,000 executive search projects within every type of financial services entity.

Practice members

Alex Alcott Managing Partner Bio
Shauna Baechle Consultant Bio
Shawn Banerji Managing Partner Bio
Chris Beck Chief Operating & Financial Officer Bio
Scott Bilby Partner Bio
Kelly Blair Partner Bio
Erik Blumberg Consultant Bio
Darren Buck Consultant Bio
Glenn M. Buggy Managing Partner Bio
Carlos F. Cata Managing Partner Bio
Michael Falagario Director, Finance, Systems, & Planning Bio
Bethany George Consultant Bio
Les Gombik Managing Partner Bio
Erin Harris Consultant Bio
Kristin Hebert Managing Partner Bio
Paul Heller Managing Partner Bio
Brian Ippolito Consultant Bio
Melanie Koso Consultant Bio
Todd Lingle Director Bio
Wendy Martin Consultant Bio
Simon Monks Managing Partner Bio
Krisha Otto Consultant Bio
Meera Pandya Consultant Bio
Elan Pratzer Managing Partner, Canada Bio
Drew Railton Managing Partner Bio
Peter Reed Managing Partner Bio
Eric Roeloffs Consultant Bio
Natalie Stones Consultant Bio
Barbara Taylor Consultant Bio
Georgia Waddle Consultant Bio
Kristyn Wallace Consultant Bio