Risk Management

Market volatility, increased public scrutiny, heightened focus on data security, the rise of TegTech, and the waxing and waning regulatory demands have made today’s business environment complex and fast-evolving. The demands of today’s marketplace dictate a much broader, more critical and visible role for compliance, risk and regulatory professionals, as these issues are clearly front-and-center for the executive committees around the globe. Indeed, the breadth of expertise required has led to an evolution of the role and mandate – an understanding of changing regulations and compliance requirements is no longer sufficient, as today’s executives are interpreting rapidly evolving ones. Demand for the best and brightest of these professionals can only continue to expand, and as the list of must-have attributes continues to expand, the pool of qualified executives narrows. In recent years there has been a notable trend in hiring between industry sectors as firms seek to leverage and exploit the experience of others from industries deemed more advanced in certain areas.