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Bay Street Advisors is a specialist executive search and consultancy firm focused on the financial services industry. Each of our 25 consultants and market intelligence specialists are dedicated to being the industry standard for providing human and intellectual capital in our industry. In achieving this objective, Bay Street Advisors pursues a model of true partnership with a select group of clients, in effect acting as an extension of their own businesses.

Founded in 2009, Bay Street Advisors is an independent and privately-held partnership that is composed of seasoned professionals from the financial services, executive search and strategic consulting industries. The firm’s structure fosters a higher degree of collaboration among consultants, sophistication of services, thought leadership and depth of market intelligence.

Bay Street Advisors philosophy is to remain highly specialized and focused on the business segments that are essential to its clients’ growth strategies. This approach enables the firm to avoid the constraints of larger search providers, which suffer from inefficiencies and conflicts inherent in pursuing a large client base; and the restrictions of smaller niche firms, which lack the depth of coverage and synergies of a full service organization. As such, Bay Street Advisors employs a hybrid of these two models to achieve one objective: Assisting its clients in increasing their market share and return on equity.

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Bay Street Advisors Launches Eastward Search Partners

Bay Street Advisors, LLC, an executive search and consulting firm focused on the financial services industry, has launched Eastward Search Partners, LLC, a professional recruitment and staffing firm dedicated to the middle and back-office segments of the financial services industry. The two firms will operate independently and support clients in non-overlapping areas of the industry. Eastward