Atlantic Group


Atlantic Group, founded in 2006, is one of the industry leaders in executive search. Through our headquarters in New York City and our offices in Boston, Philadelphia & Stamford, Connecticut, we are able to penetrate networks and execute searches regionally, nationally and globally across several verticals.

Our divisions include:
Temporary Staffing
Information Technology
Corporate Services
Administrative Support

Since our inception, we have set out to change the way the recruiting industry does business. Our goal is to provide thoughtful, targeted recruitment research, apply strong business ethics and combine it all with the industry expertise that our team members accumulated as business professionals themselves to deliver targeted results. Our success is a result of these efforts and reflects how we differentiate ourselves from the rest of the industry. All professionals that seek our services, clients or candidates, deserve nothing less than our very best efforts, attention and care. The best the industry has to offer. That is our pledge to all those we work with.

Hunt Scanlon Newswire Briefings

Ebb and Flow of Stock Market Dictates Whether Senior Leaders Stay or Go

Competition among recruiters in the financial sector has always been fierce, and that’s no less true in 2018. Although the Great Recession is receding further away in the rearview mirror and things may soon be looking up in terms of regulations easing, search firms still have their work cut out for them in terms of

How to Stay Ahead of Recruiting Challenges This Year

Competition for finance talent is fierce. To stand out among competitors – and attract top talent – employers are constantly seeking ways to stay on top of recruiting trends and face new challenges head-on as they arise. New York-based search and advisory firm Atlantic Group recently released a new report, authored by senior director Sarah Brumbley, laying out the

Six Realities of Recruiting You Don’t Have to Accept

We all know that hiring the right leaders is critical for the successful outcome of every organization. But in this era of great change and transition in the search industry, here’s one reality recruiters are grappling with: savvy clients. Under increasing pressure from competitors to shareholders, talent leaders need new hires who can make an immediate

When Stepping Back In a Career Becomes a Step Forward

Making a lateral career shift to a new job, or even moving slightly down the totem pole, is more common than might be expected. Those who closely follow the food industry saw an example of that recently when Greg Schlafer moved from president of Lamb Weston, a subsidiary of ConAgra Foods, to senior vice president