Investment Management/Banking

Perhaps no function within corporate management has changed more fundamentally this century than that of Chief Financial Officer. A CFO is still tasked with the classic, primary day-to-day responsibilities of planning, implementing, managing, and controlling the financial activity of an institution. But increasingly, the duties of a CFO becoming broader, deeper, and ever more critical to the long-term health of the companies and institutions they serve. Today, the Chief Financial Officer is a true partner of the CEO, a confidant to the Board of Directors or Trustees, and the linchpin of communication to the investment community. Additionally, confusion over changing regulations and legislation, particularly at the federal level, means that CFOs must now also be able to identify and manage financial trends long before they come to pass. At Diversified Search, our mission is to both understand client financial needs and secure the financial leaders of the future to meet them—whether for a multi-billion-dollar, multi-national corporation, a university, a major healthcare system, or a leading arts and cultural institution. As Benjamin Franklin, a hero and icon in our headquarters city of Philadelphia, once said: “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”