Diversity & Inclusion

The philanthropic landscape continues to evolve. Sophisticated donors are driving revenue growth; in turn, institutions are responding by elevating the prominence and efficiency of their development teams. Today, fundraising is increasingly regarded in scientific terms: metrics, analytics, nuanced strategy. Correspondingly, development leaders have become some of the most visible—and highly compensated—representatives of their organizations. The language regarding fundraising continues to change as well. What was once known as “development” is now commonly called “institutional advancement,” signifying a shift as more and more organizations view philanthropy as inextricably linked to their overall brand, external communications, and marketing. For the most successful fundraising organizations, philanthropy permeates their culture. Diversified Search consultants are thought leaders who have worked deeply within the shifting world of philanthropy. We have served as front-line fundraisers, educational administrators, and nonprofit leaders during our careers, gaining valuable insight into the qualities and experience necessary to be successful as a modern development professional. This, combined with our focus on gaining the most thorough understanding of our client organizations possible, enables us to be selective and discerning in evaluating candidates for the right match. Our highly consultative approach has produced a track record of optimizing human capital and influencing organizational design for long-term fundraising growth. To that end, Diversified Search often works in tandem with clients’ external fundraising counsel, and has longstanding relationships with many of the most respected fundraising consultancies. Diversified Search is the only generalist, top-ten firm in the United States to maintain a dedicated practice to senior-level development, alumni affairs, and institutional advancement searches. We have worked with some of the world’s most respected educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, foundations, and nongovernmental organizations, including smaller entities focused on regional or community-based impact. We have developed flexible search models that allow us to work successfully with all types of organizations, as each is distinct and with a unique base of the constituent. Our accountability extends well beyond clients’ hiring decisions. We find philanthropic leadership that transforms organizations.