General Management

There is no more important role in an organization than its CEO. A strong, forward-thinking, attuned CEO can take any company to unparalleled heights. An indecisive, controlling, or inflexible CEO can destroy it. We identify leaders with courage and vision, people who have the strength of their own convictions, but also an open mind to new ideas and new ways of doing things. One of our guiding mantras is, “We believe that great leadership transforms people, organizations, and the world.” That belief guides us through every step of the process as we place America’s best minds in the executive suites of America’s most admired companies. Our process is both comprehensive and relentless. We’re not interested in finding any CEO; we’re interested in the perfect one. As masters of fit, we recognize that we are not only looking for someone to lead an organization, but we see the bigger picture—that we are changing people’s lives, both atop the company and throughout its ranks. It’s a mission we take seriously, and one that fills us with pride when we see what our leaders go on to do for their respective organizations. (For a look at how some of our placements have transformed their companies, see our Success Stories portal.) When you need great leadership, you need Diversified Search.