The purpose of every company is simple: “find and keep” customers. What every company knows today is that is impossible to achieve this task without a firm grip on technology—and the smart, advanced-thinking people who can keep up with its almost daily evolution. Technology has played a key role in helping an organization achieve success, but how it does it has changed radically. IT used to provide the back-office “system of record” function; now it is increasingly the “system of engagement.” IT is, first and foremost, strategic. The emergence of the digital age has brought with it terms and processes most CEOs never even heard of at the turn of the 21st Century: User Experience, Cyber Security, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud, Social Engagement, Internet of Things, Compliance, just to name a few. All of them are driven by or enabled by IT, which has moved from an expense item to a key source of organizational competitiveness, top-line growth, and profitability. Transformational CIOs are now integral to strategy, product development, value creation, and new sources of revenue and business agility. They need to be a key part of any senior leadership team, function at the Board level, and demonstrate how technology can be a competitive differentiator. Perhaps most important, they communicate “the art of the possible.” At Diversified Search, we understand these technology business drivers, and help organizations build technology teams to meet the challenges in our rapidly changing world. We have developed a broad and extensive CIO network; we’re known as thought leaders throughout the industry, regularly speaking at conferences and facilitating forums addressing current IT trends and transformational leadership. Our team understands that CIOs are business leaders who have a seat at the executive table and that they have deep relationships with customers. We have the expertise and experience to match your business with the right individual to not only fill that seat, but to help your organization evolve.