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Founded in 1985, Slayton Search Partners is a premier retained executive search firm dedicated to recruiting top executive talent to client companies throughout the globe. We know how important it is to find a partner who can understand your needs, recruit best-in-class talent, and counsel you toward a successful conclusion of the search process.

Built on strong principles of knowledge, integrity, communication and quality, we’ve evolved alongside an ever shifting business landscape, gaining insight and expertise while crafting a better search alternative.

Our way of Limit-Less® thinking and acting has made us one of the fastest-growing executive search firms in North America, building a distinguished roster of clients and attracting more of the top candidates sought after by top firms and organizations


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Attracting senior management talent in any industry can be challenging. Slayton’s exceptional consultants invest countless time and energy to build industry domain expertise and relationships with leaders in these verticals.

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News Briefings

The Business Case for Gender-Inclusive Leadership Teams

The power of women in leadership has been widely documented over the past decade. When companies appoint more women to senior positions, research shows profitability grows, openness to change rises, and customer experiences improve. It’s no surprise that global organizations are strengthening diversity initiatives, seeking equal gender representation in leadership roles—and increasingly, companies are recognizing the

Why Investing in Top Private Equity Talent is Key to Future Growth

As competition for top talent grows, private equity firms must reevaluate their leadership needs and strengthen retention strategies. The private equity industry has entered a lull, according to a new report from Slayton Search Partners’ Dan Dunn. An article from Bloomberg says that firms are raising new funds at the slowest rate in over a decade; deal volumes

Women Returning to Workforce in Droves

For the better part of the past three years, professional women have been challenged with significant gender equity setbacks. Slayton Search Partners’ last analysis of women in the workforce revealed a dismal state; in 2022, female workforce participation was at its lowest in 33 years. “Women were burning out and leaving the labor force at far higher rates than

A Look at the High Demand for Top CFOs for Private Equity Firms

In times of volatility, financial stability becomes an understated hallmark of business success. Private equity firms have, appropriately, responded to the severe macroeconomic challenges of recent years with caution, making unprecedented pullbacks in investment and reaching record levels of dry powder, according to a new report from Slayton Search Partners’ Dan Dunn. “Today’s firms are steadying their balance sheets

Press Releases

Prioritizing R&D Talent in the Quest for Innovation

(September 2023) DAVID CECH Senior Vice President & Principal R&D is at the core of many organizations’ growth initiatives, but attracting and retaining R&D talent amidst burnout requires equal attention from leaders. Innovation has always been a key catalyst for exponential business growth. The past few years have only emphasized this relationship. The pandemic presented

Women Are Returning to the Workforce. Here’s What They Need to Stay.

(September 2023) MOLLY HULL Executive Vice President Companies must leverage flexibility to attract and retain professional women as labor force participation rises. For the better part of the past three years, professional women have been challenged with significant gender equity setbacks. Our last analysis of women in the workforce revealed a dismal state; in 2022, female workforce participation was

Why a Thriving Insurance Industry Is Critical to Economic Development

(August 2023) JAY DAPRILE Executive Vice President Insurers must overcome upcoming challenges and leverage opportunities to perform their high-impact role. The volatile global economy—influenced by geopolitical conflicts and rising interest rates—has exposed the financial vulnerability and wariness of companies and consumers in recent years. While the long-anticipated recession remains out of sight, Deloitte predicts a substantial slowdown

Banking Talent Shortage Tempered by Delayed Retirement—But for How Long?

(August 2023) STUART SMITH Senior Vice President & Principal Baby Boomers are staying in the workforce for longer than expected, but with a growing challenge to attract younger generations, the banking talent shortage is set to soar. The banking industry is faced with an interesting conundrum. It is increasingly harder to attract talent, especially those