Dice Launches New Tool Aimed at Removing Bias in Hiring

December 3, 2021 – Tech career marketplace Dice, a DHI Group Inc. brand, recently launched Unbiased Sourcing Mode, a new feature allowing recruiters and employers using Dice’s TalentSearch technologist search tool to anonymize information commonly associated with unconscious bias, including names, years of experience and schools attended. “The ability to automatically remove this information can help recruiters and employers make skills-based decisions in their talent sourcing processes, in addition to building out more diverse, higher-performing teams,” Dice said.

“We view our commitment to being a driver of meaningful progress on diversity, equality and inclusion in three separate parts: what we do internally to make DHI Group Inc. an inclusive culture, the data and insights we can share to highlight inequities in the tech career landscape, and our responsibility to build the right features into our products,” said Art Zeile, CEO of Dice. “Unbiased Sourcing Mode is a great example of how we will continue to evolve our solutions to use our unique position as a tech career marketplace to ensure every technologist has access to the same opportunities, and to be a partner to employers and recruiters as they create more diverse, high-performing teams.”

2021 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Recruiting Report:
Building a Balanced and Diverse Workforce

Hunt Scanlon Media’s latest market intelligence recruiting report – this time focused on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion – will be available later this fall! The nation’s top executive recruiters are resetting expectations and looking for new ways forward to build balanced and diverse workforce teams for their clients.

According to executive recruiters, DE&I should not just be a priority, but an integrated part of every company’s leadership goals. Some companies have even tied DE&I metrics to executive compensation. But it’s more than that.

Part of building strong, diverse hiring teams means asking yourself: “Who is my company culture going to attract – and how will it engage people who are here?” This question can be very difficult to answer if you assume everyone feels welcome already just because you do. Fostering diversity, equity and inclusion within organizations is more than just the right ethical decision. “It is one of the best business decisions a company can make,” said Keri Gavin, a partner with Hanold Associates and leader of the search firm’s Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion practice. Hanold Associates is a proud sponsor of this year’s report. This report will help organizations prioritize DE&I as a business imperative that drives greater competitiveness, innovation and business results. Get it now! 

Unbiased Sourcing Mode can be toggled on and off at any time and will not affect the other features available through TalentSearch. Recruiters and employers using the database can continue to leverage more than 20 filters to help pinpoint specific technologists based on role requirements, ensuring every candidate receives fair opportunities.

Diversity, equality and inclusion remain critical to employers, recruiters and employees alike, and the increasing importance of an inclusive culture to technologists in making career decisions has come into increasingly sharp focus over the past 18 months.

Dice’s Equality in Tech Report illustrates that tech professionals assign a high level of importance to their company making changes in policies or practices to support gender diversity and inclusion movements. Sixty-five percent of technologists identifying as women assign extreme or moderate importance to these movements, while 46 percent of technologists identifying as men said the same.

Closing the Gap

“I firmly believe that, to close these gaps, we need to take responsibility to make a difference both within our professional lives and on a personal level,” said Mr. Zeile. “As human beings, we can no longer stand aside or walk by examples of discrimination and inequality – we must confront them head-on and be the voices and the allies that we have the power and privilege to be. Professionally, we must help our organizations evolve. Diversity, equity and inclusion must be woven into the very fabric and purpose of the organizations in which we choose to work – not something we do or a box we check, but a part of everything we do.”

“I cannot overstate the importance of this data in highlighting the crucial work we need to do when it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion, both on a personal and professional level,” said Michelle Marian, CMO of Dice. “Every member of our organization wants to be part of the solution, and impactful insights like those included in this report provide an all-important step in identifying the areas where we can all be the drivers of change.”

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Contributed by Scott A. Scanlon, Editor-in-Chief; Dale M. Zupsansky, Managing Editor; and Stephen Sawicki, Managing Editor – Hunt Scanlon Media

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