Decoupled Search Launches Recruiting Tools Aimed At Leadership Teams

March 2, 2017 – Las Vegas-headquartered executive search firm Decoupled Search has launched three new products intended to help improve the executive search process: RosterGenius provides an empirical basis for senior managers to determine the opportunity cost of retaining an existing executive; a data-driven interim executive validation tool called InterimConfirm; and DepartureRecovery, a cost-effective means available to manage an unexpected executive departure.

Pat Haro, the firm’s executive chairman, said he believes the biggest challenge facing the recruiting sector is finding better ways of delivering more value to clients without compromising quality or candidate reliability.

“In this unprecedented era of continuous improvement, our customers need a practical means to liberate value from their leadership teams,” said Mr. Haro. We have developed a suite of products to assist senior level managers to protect valuations and margins by more effectively managing their leadership team rosters.”

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Just as the Hollywood studio system abandoned the expensive practice of developing and retaining stables of talent in the 1950’s, he said, “lean corporations today have the opportunity to create competitive advantage by managing their leadership teams like variable cost.” He said his new products were developed precisely for this purpose.

Search Firms Adding New Tools

It’s no secret that organizations everywhere are looking for better, more efficient and transparent ways to recruit, onboard, develop, retain and ultimately offboard quality people to drive performance and competitive advantage in their business. Executive search firms are stepping up with an array of leadership assessment tools and services that are starting to make massive strides in the field of assessment, culture shaping and predictive analytics ….. Here’s some further reading from Hunt Scanlon Media.

Greenwood / Asher & Associates, a higher education-focused search firm, and The Devine Group, a behavioral assessment and development organization, recently formed a strategic alliance to leverage and integrate the science of predictive talent analytics into the executive search and leadership development process. The partnership is designed to tailor an assessment to higher education position profiles.

Caldwell Partners recently formed a partnership with Caliper, a research-based talent management consulting firm focused on assessment and leadership development. The agreement will integrate Caliper’s assessment and onboarding services into Caldwell Partners’ research-based executive search process in Canada.

Executive search firm Allen Austin recently partnered with ENGAGE, a sourcing intelligence platform that combines big data and predictive analytics to identify potential targets, to increase overall business intelligence, and enhance sourcing efficiency. The firm forged the alliance as it looked for productive technology to improve speed, execution and growth predictability.

Russell Reynolds Associates recently formed a partnership with Hogan Assessments, a global provider of personality assessment and leadership development. The alliance is designed to increase the success rate of executive appointments and accelerate the development of rising leaders. It combines Russell Reynolds’ expertise in advising senior executives and boards on executive search and succession planning with Hogan’s suite of assessment instruments, data assets and scientific acumen. “The cost of betting on the wrong leader has never been higher,” said Clarke Murphy, chief executive officer of Russell Reynolds Associates. “That said, innovation in the executive assessment space has not kept pace with the rate of change confronting senior executives.”

Marlin Hawk Launches ATHENA

One search firm that is making big investments in the sphere of candidate assessment analytics is global talent consultancy boutique Marlin Hawk. The firm is in the midst of launching its new assessment tool, ATHENA, after a 12-month development cycle and positive client feedback from beta tests.

ATHENA uses a potent blend of science and art to deconstruct a candidate’s DNA and identify their talent gene. In effect, it takes talent assessment to heights not seen in the executive search business before.

“These other assessment developments certainly move the ball up the field”, said Mark Oppenheimer, Marlin Hawk’s New York-based chief commercial & innovation officer. But he and his colleagues have instead chosen to put their weight behind a  ‘bespoke’ assessment tool that better supports the firm’s proprietary methodology. Mr. Oppenheimer, its chief architect, said ATHENA is already yielding superior results. “We use it for executive search, benchmarking and succession planning,” he said.

Contributed by Dale M. Zupsansky, Managing Editor, Hunt Scanlon Media

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