Coulter Partners Forms Alliance with the Institute of Neurodiversity

October 5, 2023 – Life sciences recruiting specialist Coulter Partners has formed a partnership with the Institute of Neurodiversity (ION). As a global neurodiversity changemaking organization and community, ION looks to foster awareness, acceptance, and appreciation of neurodiversity. They work with organizations, governments, the third sector, educators, and policymakers to raise awareness and advocate for policies that support neurominority inclusion. “We believe that our partnership with ION will enhance our understanding and deepen our knowledge,” said Bianca Coulter, CEO of Coulter Partners. “This will enable us to better support neurominorities and advocate change, as well as have measurable impact on good governance and transparency.”

“ION’s expertise, global reach, and corporate network will help provide us with a deep understanding of how we can ensure our own behaviors are inclusive and we are better positioned to advise our clients and candidates, and better support our teams and the communities that we serve,” she said. “Their toolkits, events, multiple themed webinars, and access to KOLs (key opinion leaders) will further enhance our learnings.”

“Coulter Partners understands that neurodiversity offers a competitive advantage for organizations, whilst being a source of innovation,” the search firm said. “By partnering with ION, they are dedicated to realizing the potential to be found within a workforce that includes neurominorities.”

“We believe that true diversity includes neurodiversity, and we are excited to partner with Coulter Partners to further our mission of creating inclusive workplaces that celebrate differences,” said Charlotte Valeur, global chair of the Institute of Neurodiversity.

“We are proud to collaborate with Coulter Partners to drive meaningful change in the workplace,” said Silvan Ruthenberg, global lead of the Institute of Neurodiversity. Our combined efforts will help organizations harness the unique strengths of neurominority individuals.”

Coulter Partners is a board- and senior-level global executive search specialist focused exclusively on life sciences. The firm works closely with those at the cutting edge of innovation in the industry to understand their challenges. With an extensive global network and expertise gained over 25 years in the sector, Coulter Partners is a trusted leadership adviser in the pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical technology, diagnostics, health-tech, CRO, and services sectors. The firm also works closely with the global investor community, hiring for their own teams as well as building the boards and executive leadership teams of their portfolio companies. Coulter Partners’ team of 95 completes over 260 assignments a year working from 14 offices across the U.K., EMEA, the U.S., and APAC.

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Ms. Coulter founded Coulter Partners in 2003 and has 25 years’ experience of board and C-level global search, building the leadership teams of early stage, mid-cap, and global multinationals in over 20 countries. Through appointing leadership, Ms. Coulter channels her judgment and expertise to impact patient benefit and assist those at the cutting edge of life science to achieve their goals.

Previous Partnership

Coulter Partners and Differing Minds, a neurodiversity training and consulting specialist, also formed a partnership agreement. Differing Minds, mission is to  empower organizations to welcome neurodiversity as a competitive advantage, so both the organization and its neurodivergent employees can thrive. It supports organizations to recruit neurodiverse talent and ensure their neurodivergent employees succeed at work. The company´s aim is to raise awareness of neurodiversity and equip organizations with the knowledge, tools, and strategies to create, and embrace, the change needed to make this happen. Services offered include consulting and training, digital resources, as well as a Differing Minds community network.

As Investors Retreat, Healthcare/Life Sciences Sector Stays Resilient
Healthcare and life science organizations are facing an increasingly complex landscape, with rapid technological advancements, changing regulatory environments, and heightened public scrutiny. As a result, these companies have been turning to executive search firms more than ever to acquire world-class leadership. The most pressing challenge has been finding high-impact, innovative leaders who can navigate this complex terrain and drive meaningful change.

“We are extremely interested to learn about neuroinclusive recruitment and how we can attract neurodivergent people, not only in recruitment of our own talent but with clients, too,” said Ms. Coulter.

Differing Minds provides in-depth, bespoke recommendations, tailored solutions, and training packages to accelerate a neurodiversity strategy, helping Coulter Partners to attract neurodiverse talent and support neurodivergent employees to perform at their best. Coulter Partners also has access to the Differing Minds hub, providing engaging, thought-provoking digital content about Neurodiversity, with information on changes that can be implemented in all organizations to support neurodivergent individuals. There will be training sessions, regular webinars, and access to an exclusive event series, run by Differing Minds and external speakers.

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Contributed by Scott A. Scanlon, Editor-in-Chief; Dale M. Zupsansky, Managing Editor; and Stephen Sawicki, Managing Editor – Hunt Scanlon Media

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